Trenbolone + DHEA as Test Base


I’ve been doing some research about cycles without a test base. The idea of a Trenbolone solo cycle is attractive given the dryness that one would get without the testosterone.

But Trenbolone doesn’t aromatize, so one would still need some aromatizable base to not feel like shit with no estrogen.
I’ve been thinking about using DHEA as the aromatizable base.

What do you think? Will it be enough to raise estrogen to desirable levels?

I am very interested to see how crazy dry you are now, that you would need something like that to achieve what you want…

The dryness comes from food. The leanest i was with veins across my abs was on 2g of test with no AI.


You could also use estradiol directly. Just a thought.

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I’ve experimented several times with dropping my test dose and I’ve observed that I hold substantial water even with Test Prop.

I agree with you, but if I can be even more dry when I’m single digits why not use that tool? Dropping the test before a show is a strategy used in every contest prep.

I thought about using Yasmin, but as it is a combination of progestins and ethinyl estradiol I think that it would be more difficult to leverage the correct dose.

No don’t to that. Use only Ethinyl estradiol if you really would like to not use T. Pharnacokinetically speaking, it’s the only way to get E2 without making testosterone. That’s also why I think DHEA or androstenedione or other precursors won’t work except for when you use hCG with it, but then again why not use a test base.

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It’s quite difficult to find a source of Ethinyl Estradiol only.

The point is to eliminate the water retention caused by testosterone via activation of the 20-HETE pathway.

I guess it is your only real option. There’s tons of estradiol produced as a mono therapeutic for trannies. I don’t know how easily one can get that on the bodybuilding black market, but I would bet money that there’s a huge illegal estradiol market everywhere. You probably just have to know where.

Pharmacies could also provide it to you or doctors. You could also say you are a woman and get it, I guess. The laws in Americas blue states would protect you against not getting your medical estradiol.

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I am up to see before and after pics of this, of course. The reason i am skeptical is because when people come up with ideas they almost never come back with pictures of noticable difference. If you would do a log on this, i definitely would be interested in following.


Lol. Take Tren + e2 Valarate. Them cows blow up on that

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and what was your e2 what else were you taking to control e2

my e2 was in 300, but the lab scale stops there, so it was 300.00 but who knows how high it could have been…
i didnt take anything for e2, back then i didnt know there is something nor that you need to take something for it…
after that i took a lot for it, and now im not taking anything again because outside the labwork i dont see of feel any difference, but i my experience says that using a lot of AI makes my bones a bit more prone to splints and injury - the last few times i got some breaks in my bones that dont want to heal was when i took a lot of AI and it healed twice as fast as soon as i stopped. Since fighting and getting hit is 80% of my day, i cant have brittle bones.