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Trenbolone Depression


Been a month and all physical sides are gone, but I can't seem to yank myself outta this depression. It feels like I'm almost there, but its still clouded and sad. Sleep is getting better again, but I just can't shake this Eeore feeling. Any suggestions? I've never had any mental issues before, its just labored to be happy lately.


Ride the storm dude, your playing the waiting game now, it was Tren Enen wasn't it? hopefully a couple more weeks and all will be well.

Good luck


as long as you recognize its due to AAS and keep reminding yourself that! sometimes it makes tiny problems in life seem enormous, and later I'm like what the fuck was I thinking!

would caber or B6 help at this point to deal with the sides?


I suggest you just give it some time instead of using caber and messing with the hormones again. Let your body move towards the norm and remain there at homeostasis, just give it time.


I think a blood test for a full hormone panel is a good idea at this point.

Dont use caber unless you know your prolactin is elevated.


Don't have medical insurance atm, or I would have been there and done that. For a full panel it comes out to be more then 500, annd I can't afford it right this second. Its getting better, but I know for a fact my test is low. Just gonna ridee it out and power through it


just out of curriosity how long was your cycle and what was it other then Tren, also what ester when it came to tren?? I'm gunna try to get my hands on P out of fear of the same dilemma you're facing.


i'm sorry I meant to say test P and tren acetate