trenbolone and winstrol

i plan to use about 2000mg of tren and 750mg of winstrol over the course of about 4 weeks. do i need to be concerned about using an anti-estrogen during the cycle or using clomid at the end? i would like some feedback on this. thanks.

you might want to post you actually plan on using these and what you will be doing post cycle if you really want any help from the board.
amounts ed/pw
years training
previous cycles
these are all good things to list. Hope this helps, atleast you didn’t ask how much dbol to take with no knowledge of clomid.

You shouldn’t need an antiestrogen durting your cycle as both trenbolone and Winstrol doesn’t aromatise to estrogen. Clomid will be neccessary after however - follow a protocol such as 300 day 1 150 day two 100 for the rest of week one then 50 thereafter for 2-4 weeks.

Dosing should be 50-100 mg ed for both tren and winstrol.

Skipping the clomid would be devistating:

Day 1: 300 mg,
Day 2: 150 mg,
Day 3-13: 100 mg,
Day 13-30: 50 mg

Do not skip the clomid.

Good question…It’s already stated that Trenbolone and Winny don’t aromatize. If there is no Estrogen to block then you don’t need an anti-Estrogen, correct?? Depends…
A drug such as Arimidex would not be needed. What it comes down to is suppression. Both androgens can be quite suppressive, but not always. There may not be a need to use Clomid during the cycle because suppression may not be reached. However, post cycle use of clomid would be highly reccomended for a short duration being that both these drugs have short half lives.
If you’ve done cycles in the past and know you easily reach testicular Atrophy then Clomid would be suggested to use During the cycle to prevent this.