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Trenbolone and Testosterone


Hey guys!
I'm a newbie with the whole roid thing, been doin a lot of reseach and I think that this stack is prolly the closest to what i wanna gain.

According to some sources Trenbolone and Testosterone seem to help with muscle gains and body fat reduction... I'm 185 about 12- 15 % body fat wanna reduce to at least 10, but my main concern is loosing my muscle... so i dunno what do u think, about this stack, if you know anything about dosages(300-700 mg/week of trenbolone along with 240-500 mg/week of Testosterone), and stuff let me know, or if u knows something that works better, let me know too. Also wahst the best anti estrogen outhere? Novaltex, proviron?...

thnaks guys


Do more research, and learn to write with real words.

The test is too low, the tren is too high.

You are too small to cut with AAS - especially a stack as powerful as test and tren.

How old are you?


I'm 20 years old.
my grammar skills are a concern for my english professor, you should definitely limit ur self to answer my gym questions if ur here, that's why where here for right??? I'm looking for your roid knowledge not ur english writing skills :slightly_smiling:

anyways, the reason why I posted was coz I want more information, of course im reading more, but these forums are part of the whole thinng don't you think?

So what do u think i should do then? which roids work better, give me ur opinion and help me out.... instead of correcting my grammar....



I'll repeat myself this once - after that I am done until you can pose intelligent questions.

  1. Do more research.
  2. Learn to write properly.

If either of those two requests are too much fror you to handle - I suggest you go elsewhere - to a bro board somewhere that encourages kids to do AAS, and get off on text talk.

As it stands right now - you are trashing up my forum. I'll be glad to help - but you not until I can understand what the fuck you are saying - college professor, or no.


Well dude I don't see what's not to understand... my question was plain and simple; Trenbolone and Testosterone is this a good idea or not?

I don't understand what the heck is your problem, I'm just asking for more information, is not like im going to stop here...

Do you want me to re-write my initial text using proper words; since you don't understand anything? If you do good! if not, well then move on and leave me alone man.

stop the attitude man.


Back off man! The guy is just asking a question, you should be used to all the lack of English and different mistakes made on these forums, how long have you been doing this? We?re here to discuss steroids, not pretty writing.... so back off, and go wet your panties somewhere else.

This is not YOUR forum pal, so fuck off! Or did you forget when you where a scrawny little fuck, beginning to train? And you had questions? so take your little issues and find an other guy to pick on....

I understood the kid's question, regardless of his grammatical mistakes.
Damn! What the hell is wrong with you people?
What a fucking insecure douche bags we have in these forums!
You should apologize and show some class.

As in for you (bluescalation) feel free to ask whatever you want, I?ll tell you a thing or two about juicing but do your homework man, looks like you have a pretty good size for your height, so you don?t want to throw all those natural gains away (I?m assuming that you have been building naturally so far), by using roids irresponsibly. How long you?ve been training?
Feel free to shoot me an email if you have any more questions bud.


hey hey guys....
thanks bro for defending me, but i do understand where the other guys is coming from, i tend to write whatever is in my mind and not pay attention, but its ok... thanks tho!

yes i've been bodybuiling naturally for 2 years or less... went from 140 to 185... which im very proud of, but now i'm looking to take it to the next level and do this the smart way.

so i'm just looking for more info. i wont do shit, until i know everything, so i appreciate your patience.

don't fight guys, we're all cool here lol."


Ok where to begin.
Yes this is a public forum. Yes anyone can ask any question.

However, in turn you must respect anyone else to give any other answer to your questions.

You will find here in the TNation Gear forum there are several members that have earned the title "very respected opinion". Rainjack without question or doubt is one such member. Frequently you will also find the guys with the most knowledge are also the most responsible with that knowledge [thanks be to God for that fact].

Often, I personally choose not to supply information to guys I deem too young and under trained to be proper gear heads. At 20, you more or less fall into this catergory. Your body is not ready to receive the gear.

It is clear at the present moment that you are also grossly under-educated in terms of injecting foreign chemicals into your body.

Having said that, as a sign of good faith and from a purely educational standpoint I am going to share some knowledge with you regarding your Test and Tren question.

Before I do I genuinely plead with you to absorb this information and use it wisely to possibly plan cycles years from now and not this or even next year. Years from now you and your body will be thankful if you wait a couple more years.

OK addressing blueescalation's OP:
Test or Tren or anything should never be selected if one's primary goal is bodyfat reduction. Truth be told no gear product should be relied upon as the main catalyst for this goal.

Diet first and exercise second exceed what can be achieved by the most renowned of "fat loss agents".
Now many people do experience fat loss on Tren in the presence of a good diet and exercise program.

By and large most people's first starter cycle do not include Tren. Tren can be amazingly effective for whatever fitness pursuits you have be they fat loss, size gain and most especially massive strength increases. However, the potential side effects are not to be taken lightly.

Speaking as the veteran of five or six gear cycles ranging from 6-14 weeks myself and speaking as someone who has tried Test, Deca, Dbol, Tren, OT, Drol, Var, Masteron and EQ, Tren is by far the harshest product on my system.

Irritability, Night Sweats, Heart Palpitations and the like were worse on Tren than anything else I've ever had in my body.
For this reason and countless other reasons most people are often steered towards 500mg of Test as their first starter cycle. Test allows you to gauge how you will do on synthetic hormones flowing thru your system.

Also Test is the most natural in that it is the closest re-creation of what is already in your body.

Make no mistake that Test and Tren are a wonderful combo. My next cycle this fall will be Test and Tren, probably with a dbol kickstart. But there's another reason not to cycle yet; you probably don't know what a kickstart is or why to do it.

Its often been said "drink no wine for its time." I concede that your body is your own and you can choose to put whatever you want in it. However, if you goals are in anyway long term. I assure you that longer you wait and the more you develop your own body naturally the better you will respond to the gear once you try it.

I was 29 and weighed 220lbs at a height of about 5'9" and had squated 450+ and benched 350+ before I ever tried the gear.

I sincerely hope I have accomplished two points here: [1] the increase in the knowledge base of blueescalation on gear [2] the persuasion of blueescalation not to gear up yet

We are here to help, we are here to answer questions. Sometimes you might not like the answers but they are our attempt at being truly helpful.


You have one fucking post on this site, and you just joined today.

I would say that. compared to you this IS my forum. Read my posts in the steroid forum before you start spewing your bullshit.

Now - fuck off.


Thanks man, I do respect rainjack's and everyone else's opinion... and I truly appreciate yours.

My main goal is to of course get bigger; been able to do it naturally till this day... my concern is body fat, I plan on bulking a little bit more and then cut down, My body fat is between 12-15% now, but I don?t want it to increase (which I notice it's happening), so that?s why I wanted to see if gear could maybe help me maintain my body fat low and help me gain some more quality muscle.

Now I never do cardio, I've been told that cardio is a "no-no" if you want to build muscle, but then how do you maintain your body fat low?

Thought some gear (not Tren specifically) could help... but like I said and like everyone else here has said, I need to read more... I'm young but not stupid, that's why I thought I asked some experts.

I really appreciate your words bro? I?ll keep reading more; I don?t plan on doing anything anytime soon. And will definitely consider your opinion about my age and gear usage.


I think he went out of his way to register anoter account to defend himself. Either way my advice--

  1. You're took young, wait atleast 5 years. (What you probably should but wont listen to)
    Since I already know you wont listen because your maturity level has been shown please follow my next bit of advice.

  2. Do more research. You dont even know the names of the compounds you wish to use. And you need to get closer to your genetic maximum before trying AAS.

Please note I am not trying to argue with you over any matter. I am merely giving you the advice you need to hear.


Uhhhhhhhh... I'm so fucking scared HAHAHAHAHAHAHA?
Yeah had the pleasure to read some of your posts? looks like you have a LOT of free time to spend here.

Yeah you're right buddy, this is YOUR forum... this is probably the only thing you own...
Gosh you are just so sad; you're probably a little 140 lbs man, writing big...

Oh well! I'm done here someone answered the kid's question with class... and you? you are just you, and you will always be you unfortunately...

There are other forums out there free of insecure little man, picking on young guys...
Just remember and watch out buddy; respect beginners they might be bigger than you in the future... maybe they already are.

It?s been a pleasure.


You have been training for 2 years. Add to that the fact that you still have 2-3 years left of super-high endogenous test levels before you level out. For that reason alone, I never recommend AAS to kids (no insult intended) under the age of 23.

My advice to you is to maximize where you are now instead of turning to the darkside.

You have gained 40 pounds in 2 years. That's great progress. If you stay natural - you should be a solid 210 by the time you will really benefit from gear.

Checkout Dogcrapp training. There is a thread bout it here on T-Nation somewhere. It teaches you how to eat, train, and use cardio to put on insane amounts of lean mass.

I would give my left nut to be your age, with your desire to get big.

But steroids - for now - should just be something you learn about by reading, not doing.


Now I am positive he made a 2nd account to defend himself. He uses "?" as his means of punctuation. I doubt he is even 20 years old. Seemingly to me he is the "140 pound little man, talking big" that he speaks of.


pumpsumiron wrote:

It?s been a pleasure. "

blueescalation wrote:

"I really appreciate your words bro? I?ll keep reading more; I don?t plan on doing anything anytime soon. And will definitely consider your opinion about my age and gear usage. "


Coming from a guy that has 2 posts now -


The pleasure was certainly all yours.

Your ignorance is screaming louder than your internet bravado.

Just incase those words were too big for you to understand, I will put use smaller words...words you can understand: You are one stupid fuck.

Now run along. I am sure bb.com is missing their favorite "hot-or-not" twink model.


I will not respond to your personal attack on RJ, because he can handle that himself. You however have proven that you are too big of an asshole to be a respected member of this forum so I respectfully ask you to leave.

I have never met the man personally but I can tell you that he is no 140 pound man talking big, and his knowledge about lifting, aas, and fitness in general is worthy of respect from everyone on this planet. He has helped me numerous times and has nothing but my utmost respect.

To the OP, you are too young for gear. You probably wont listen. So listen to this, Trenbolone is not a cycle for a first timer. You need a few cycles under your belt before coming close to trenbolone.

To compare, lets say you ride motorcyles. Test is a 1000cc motorcyle. It is more than enough for a new rider, Tren is a top of the line racing bike. Definitely not for a new rider.

Become a member of the community here. You will learn a lot, and earn the respect of the community. RJ and Sap have done just this. You should too.


i agree that you should wait before jumping on a cycle.also,tren is one harsh drug.in fact,i had to cut it out of my cycle early,due to sides.when you do decide the time is right,stick to 500mg test only.you'll be glad you did.good luck


Thanks man,
That's what I'm trying to do... I'm sorry about this whole thing... you obviusly know what your doing, I'll check everything out first... your not the first person to tell me I'm too young to take gear.

thanks again.


What?????? Nahhhhhhh, I don't need to create other accounts for those purpuses, I was never insulted by anyone's opinion here, he just caught me offgaurd with the grammar thing... I can defend myself......
Man, this whole thing is getting way too dramatic. lol

But anyway yeah yeah yeah... Everywhere i go i get the same "you are too young" answer... So I'm going to stick with training hard and eating right, and learning more til I'm ready.

What do u guys think about the steroid bible, or one of those publications?



True bro.