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trenbolone and androsol

im simply wondering if 66gmg/day of trenbolone and 70 sprays twice/day of androsol is enough for a kick butt cycle

Bill Roberts in reply to one of my posts, wrote that he prefers 200mg of Tren per day but only around 28 sprays. You would need 50mg/mL of Tren. (1mL = 7 sprays).

For a two week cycle, you would need about 3.4 grams of Tren. (or to make thing easy, you could do a 20 day cycle with 4 grams. You could either buy two packs of Finaplix (at 2g per box) or one pack of componenet t-h. Then mix this 80mL of solvent. (instead of mixing it with the androsol, you could use 99% alcohol) Now use 7 sprays b.i.d. (or twice daily). Don’t toss the androsol though. It will stack well with the Tren, and in fact the TA won’t do much without it. For 20 days and one bottle you could get 84 sprays per day. Not sure if that is a high enough dose to work well or not. But this is a good stack, because as Bill mentioned, you would be stacking a class 1 steroid (the Trenbolone Acetate) with a class 2 steroid (the Androsol). Good luck.

PS - Tomorrow will be week three for me on my Tren, Androsol, Nandrosol stack and I’ve gone from 195 to 206. I made the most improvements in the first week gaining six pounds. Then only five more in the past two weeks, but hey I’m up 11lbs. I’m pretty freakin’ happy and I still have a week to go.

actually i plan on injecting the 66mg of tren per day. im assuming this is more bioavailable then spraying it on. thanks for the response

Chris, Bill speculates an average absorption of 30% for transdermal delivery of Tren. So at 200mg a day, that yields around 66mg. So your proposed idea of injecting 66mg daily sounds good. Also, I goofed in my last post, if you were doing 200mg transdermally a day, then a two week cycle would only require 2.8g of Tren not 3.4. Don’t know what I was thinking…