Trenbolone and acne?

HI. I have been lurking around for 3y. This is my first post here. My Q for you is: Can TA cause more acne than other steroids like testosterone, primobolan, winny and d-bal? My acne breaks out bad while on testo/d-bol, but while Im on primo and winny Im much better! (sorry for the bad language here, sweedish). Im going to start a winny(oral) and TA cycle for purposes of getting cut! Ill use TA only at 50mg ED for 8weeks and finish it of with 50mg winstrol ED for 2weeks, and 1more week with 12,5-25mg winstrol moring only! And clomid of course (what do you think? please critique). This is my 6th cuycle and Im about,say, 15 pounds over my natural limit. I know that this is smal doses but Bill Roberts said: “TA is an extraordinarily potent AAS, being about three times as effective per milligram as testosterone esters”. Do you think my acne will break out bad while on or after this cycle, compared with a cycle of test and d-bal? Thanks for any help I can get! //SA

First off, you got your bad acne from the test. You may get slightly more oily skin from tren, and hence a small amout of breakout IF you don’t keep your skin clean. There are many over the counter products for acne that you can use. I suggest getting a toner, a facial scrub, and a topical solution that contains either salicynic acid or benzyl peroxide, or get both. Follow a regular daily routine of washing your skin and applying the topical solutions to [potential]problem areas.

As far as your cycle:

I would highly recomend doing the Winstrol all the way through with the tren at a dose of oral (ideally)-75-100 mg per day (50 is O.K), - intramuscular - 350mg per week, split into a minimum of 3 injections.

Your idea of just taking the winstrol in the morning at the end of your cycle is not going to work. I assume your following the morning dbol protocol- to avoid suppression. Oral Winstrol has a much longer halflife within the body than dbol- I believe 6-8hrs, so this simply is unfeasable.
Instead of doing it this way you can use 100mg of test enantate per week at the end of your cycle- according to Cy’s protocol (search for: steroids for health), and also use Clomid or Nolvadex or both. A weekend Hcg protocol during cycle of 100-250 i.u. would be helpful also.- I personaly like to do 100 i.u. every 4-5 days. while on.

The key for sure no matter what you are on is multiple showers a day and like P22 said be sure to buy some type of facial and body scrub w/ anti-acne agents.