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Trenbolone Acetate

OK. This this my first time to take Tren i have a couple questions fpr anybody that hase tooken tren before. Okay first off how many mg should i take since this is my first cycle of tren second shall i take it at room temp or what.Third what time of day is best to take.

I’m not sure I understand your confusion about whether or not it needs to be at room temperature. Some people like to warm their oils before injection to make them a little easier to draw and pin. Is that what you meant?

wow from the sound of this post you probably shouldn’t be taking tren. good lord, it’s not a fucking peptide

Temperature doesn’t matter at all but I suggest you pin before your workout. As for dosing I would start at 25mg ED. Tren is a potent steroid (500/500 Anabolic/Andro Ratio) and steroids in general don’t need to be used at maximal doses to see results. If you have legit Tren, 25mg ED for 6-8 weeks will shows you some bad ass results as a first timer. I still like this dose as an avid Tren user.