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Trenbolone Acetate Injectable Question

I plan to make an injectable from Component T-H. I will first separate the fillers, binders, and glue by extracting the trenbolone with methanol. After recovery of the TA crystals I will dissolve it in a solution of 60% Polyethylene Glycol, 30% Propylene Glycol, and 10% Benzyl Alcohol. My question is this, what is the maximum solubility in this solution? Bill or Brock, what change would you make for this solution to be more sterile? I don’t want to put anyone’s life, especially mine, into the hands of someone by using an “Injectable-Made-Easy” kit created by someone only interested in a quick buck.

This is a bad idea (methanol). Just use Safflower oil
and 10% benz-OH (PEG and PG really hurt when you inject them).

Take the pellets, grind them into a fine dust and put into
the benz-OH (let’s say you want to make a solution of 50mg
per ml ultimately and your using 1 cart - 2g - Fina).
Put the ground up pellets into the benz-OH, 4ml of it and
let it sit for a day. Next, add 40ml of Safflower oil to
the benz-OH/pellet mix. Mix vigorously for 90 seconds
every 4-8 hours for 48 hours. Now just filter sterilize
and transfer to a sterile vial.

Bill and I have a kit coming out soon that will smoke the
one that Animal has out now…I am sure the Animal kit
works well enough but ours will be so simple that even
the dimmest can use it safely and effectively.

Do not, I repeat, do not ask me ANY of the following questions:

  1. When is the kit coming out?
  2. Where can I get a kit now?
  3. Where can I get Fina pellets?
  4. Where can I get oil or benz-OH or vials or syringes?
  5. What if I do “X” instead, will it still work?
  6. How often should I take this stuff?

All of this info (1-6) is readily available on the net
and some in the T-mag archives. Do your homework and good



Brock, I hope it didn’t seem like I had researched too little. I read your earlier post about people not searching for information and monotonously posting questions on the board when what they are looking for is right at their fingertips. I wholeheartedly agree. I try to make sure that every post of mine is a question about info that is not readily available to me and is of my interest. I do attend a major well-respected university and until recently my major was chemistry. I am now planning to get a BS degree in chemical engineering and my masters/PhD in bioengineering. Pharmaceutical science is a passion of mine. By the way, I do have plenty of lab experience and all of the equipment and materials I need (my own). My main reason for this post was to find an acceptable maximum solubility for the solution I planned to use. Since frequent injections are required, a lower injection volume would be nice. I chose this particular solution because I thought it had a greater solubility, was more sterile, and was easier to use than oil. I could be wrong. I really don’t understand why you think methanol extraction and recrystallization is a bad idea though. Unless you thought I meant injecting it! Most of the literature I could source for TA was done using methanol as the solvent. There could be others, but I could not find them. Since trenbolone acetate’s melting point is about 96-97 degrees and methanol will vaporize at a much lower temp, I did not think it would harm the steroid if I distilled the methanol solution. Besides solubility in methanol seems rather high(c=0.37), so less solvent could be used and would be easy to calculate. I think that I could take the pain of PEG and PG if it means less to inject, greater potency, and a safer product. I would like to apologize though for a seemingly reoccurring question. I know exactly how you feel, but you can’t blame ignorance, only the ignorant. Thanks.

I still would like to know a max solubility though. : )

I suspect Brock’s objection to the methanol was that for
the average person without access to a vaccuum source,
evaporating off the methanol is quite a problem… either
HIGHLY time consuming if no heat is used, or a fire hazard
if heat is used.

I don’t have solubility information in the solvents you
mention. I would guess 100 mg/mL or better.

By the way, the methanol extraction will NOT remove
the binders, which are also highly soluble in methanol.
Nor will it removed oxidized TA (an issue if the pellets
are anything but light yellow as they should be.) It
will remove the fillers (sand-like material) though.

By the way, as TA approaches absolute purity it approaches
colorlessness… if your stuff is yellow or worse brown,
it’s because of a lot of binders and/or oxidized TA.

I don’t know for a fact that the binders are harmful to man when used in quantities far larger than ever intended for
cattle (soon-to-be-slaughtered anyway), nor do I know that
they are perfectly safe. It doesn’t seem like anyone in
bodybuilding even knows what the binders ARE… they’re
just assuming they’re okay. They may be.

What solvent would remove the binders then? Acetone maybe? I have a sneaking suspicion that the binders may be the cause of the kidney problems people think they are having(Darkened urine, pain, etc.) and not TA. What do you think?

I really doubt that there is any solvent which dissolves
TA well but in which the binders are practically insoluble.

The binders can be removed, so far as I know, only
by column chromatography, or perhaps by removing the
TA from the binders via sublimation (that is strictly
hypothetical but I wouldn’t be surprised if it worked
and if it did it could be a nice process.)

I agree that the binders may be the cause of some of the
side effects being reported for homebrew TA injections.
The kidney claim, while trenbolone doesn’t cause this,
was originally made for Parabolan not for Finaplix
preparations. Maybe it is a result of oxidized TA though…
that could be a common problem with both the
French pharmaceutical and the bathtub preparations.
Note that I don’t think there is much difference between
French pharmaceuticals and bathtup preps… :slight_smile: