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Trenadrol Experiences


(Yes i have searched, read the posts, and even PMed a bit with a helpful forum member)

I have 2 bottles of kilosports trenadrol set to arrive this week after my buddy called and said hed gained 10 lbs of LBM, gotten harder, and leaner on 3caps/day and his training partner had gained more than 20 on 6/day. Though im not really a PH guy that was all i needed to order. Im planning to run it for 4 weeks with tamoxifen at 40, 20 20 for 3 weeks after or OTC Novadex as directed.

Just looking to hear anymore people experiences, side, gains, etc.


Just please DONT do this.


sweet......anymore to add?


dont know much about this product or PH in general, but two people i know who have run this were lactating after several weeks.


Though I wouldn't touch the stuff, my good friend had really great strength gains on it. I might add he is a seasoned powerlifter, not some punk ass kid. But is it really worth the risk?


the two friends (and my brother) that used were also experienced trainers. They experienced no sides, no estrogenic sides, etc. only gains. thats why i went for it.


Yeah, I have noticed that this board is very negative toward any of the "tren" PHs. This stems from the fact that you don't really know what you are putting in your body and if sides do occur, it is just a guess as to what to take to fix them.

If you absolutely can't get real gear then I say go for it. To be extra safe I would have some anti-prolactin meds like cabergoline on hand as this is likely what is causing the supposed lactation in some people.


its not that i absolutley cant...moreso that i already have it haha. not really familiar with prolactic meds. for PCT or all the way through?


The tren prohormones are not tren.

They are much closer to birth control pills. I have ranted about them many times, they are progestin based.

Its taking straight oral progestins in HIGH doses.

Its not a steroid with a little progestin activity like drol or something, its a straight progestin with a little anabolic activity.

They aren't a well tested compound and have not been on the market for very long, at the VERY LEAST I would say you have to run prolactin meds on cycle. The anabolic effect is actually a sideeffect of the progestin activity.

At the worst it could cause damage to the endocrine system.

Use them at your own risk. They are the RISKIEST compound avaliable, illegal or legal.

Its much smarter to stick with the PH's derived from ACTUAL pharmaceutical steroids that were developed out of YEARS of research and THOUSANDS of compounds. Or even better, the ACTUAL pharmaceutical steroids themselves.

The tren prohormones are literally some crap that someone noticed had an anabolic effect so they threw it on the market. Zero testing or research.


hmmm if its progestin why would it have anabloic effect. Maybe im missing something but i didnt think progesterone woul dbe an anabolic hormore. Anyway Ive got it so im gonna try it out. Based purely on the 1st person accounts of 3 friends that were very favorable i.e. good gains, no sides, etc. Plus noone every accussed me of being the best decision maker. Plan on Nolva for PCT and ill post my feedback after 4 weeks.


Of course progestins can have an anabolic effect, a compound can be both an androgen and a progestin, just as it can be an androgen and have progesterone effects, or a progestin with progesterone effects, etc.

Theres a very decent chance it will not hurt you at all, plenty of people are using it without issue, but that chance is much lower than with most other steroids and PHs.

And if you do run into problems on cycle, you will need both an AI, an SERM, and a dopamine antagonist like caber.

Use at your own risk, just know it goes against our recommendations. We already have one thread about prolactin gyno from tren PH's, perhaps you will have better luck.


Thanks Gabe I'll be watching for it. You can PM me before then if you wish.



But you are gonna use it anyways huh? What a great call!

Actually that wouldn't then be first person. first person is YOU! And if you do the searches you claim to have done, you will find very few actual reports of no sides - good gains in strength by all accounts.. but terrible suppression and even gyno.

And they won't be anytime soon either..

Don't bother - just PM Wankroar3 with your results - he is dying to try it.

This is officially the last time i respond to a PH thread. Negatively or positively that is..! :wink:



Oh havin' a pop ? Ya limey wanker.


Promises, promises.....


everyone seems to get their panties in a bunch over the PH questions. Im gonna try this stuff and see for myself. Its not as if buying AAS from a blackmarket contact or over the internet is so risk free. Truth is you never know what your getting and we all take some degree of risk for our craft, whether its throwing 900 lbs on your back or trying a new PH or juice.


While the risks that people are talking about has absolutely NOTHING to do with legalities - I know exactly what i am getting when i buy - but there you go.

Good luck.. Oh - one more thing, seeing as all 7 replies in your thread were all about the negatives these products have, and you are going to use it anyway.. why did you post? What good is asking about sides, etc. if you just ignore the answers?

Don't answer, i personally don't really care - i just thought it might provoke a thought response in you.


Actually never mentioned anything about legal ramafications. My reason for posting was two-fold. 1. to get a fair balance of opinions after talking to my 3 friends who said this S was gods gift with nothing bad to say at all. 2. To elicit some discussion about this stuff: sides, MOA, personal experiences, etc. So thnx to people like Westlock for addding value and experience to the discussion.


Fair enough mate.


ya was speaking to the quality of product not the legality. At any rate I started on the 4th...I hope not to put any of u in a position to say " i told you so"