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i have a friend thats thinking of using tren. he told me it doesn't aromatase and he doesnt need novla or a pct. is this true ?


doesn't need to worry about aromitization while on...but tren is pretty supressive, a PCT will be in order.


I would not take tren with decca...Thats just me.I would run it with some other long ester test ex. enan,or cyp.Lovin me some fina!



Agreed. You could even hit 1CC of Test-E a week along with it to keep the twig & berries in proper working order.




One thing i would be sure of...if he has any issues with anxiety do not touch tren, trust me.


Tren has a tendancy to shut you down. PCT is a must if you use tren. Tren stacks well with Tren; for me the Test keeps my sex drive in order. Just my 2cc's


You like a lot of Tren then;-)


Classic LOL