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Tren + ?

I am about to run a cycle of tren and _ ? What do you think of doing tren and durabolin, tren and anadrol 50, or tren and test for a cycle?

Stats 5’9 185 working out for three years

Sounds good, let us know how it works out for you. Or maybe you should do some research first?

Screw you I was just asking for advice.

Steroids after only three years work eh?

[quote]coupe88 wrote:
Screw you I was just asking for advice.[/quote]

Great attitude, I’m sure people will flock to this thread to help you now.

First thing, stop being an asshole.

Next up, you would want to combine Tren with something aromatizing (that means it will create some natural estrogen) like Test or Dbol. You could even use HCG which would create natural test.