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Tren with Test Suspension?


I had a few question

  1. can I run tren with test suspension if not i have winny can i use that instead of the suspension

2 is clen and t3 good for cutting body fat fast

3 thanks in advance




I have only 1 question.

Is this a joke?




  1. no

  2. no

  3. you're NOT welcome hehe.


  1. you can run tren with test suspension yes. Test suspension is very powerful though as it is test with no ester... it hits VERY quickly and ideally should be pinned 2x a day.. ED will suffice though.

You can also use winny with the tren instead of the test suspension yes... you gains likely won't be optimal though.

  1. diet is essential for fat loss.. cardio can supplement fat loss from the diet. Clen and t3 should be used as a last resort IMO.. but they are quite effective yes. I would recommend going light on the t3 as it is very catabolic