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Tren with Deca or NPP

I would like to hear experiences of anyone who has tried this “forbidden” combo. I can’t seem to find to much info on the net but I have seen it mentioned occasionally. As long as cabergoline is run for libido purposes I don’t think it should be a problem.

I have decided to finish up the last 4 weeks of my cycle with a combo of 630testE/350 NPP/210mg Tren A. I am injecting the combo every day. I have been on the NPP for about 2 weeks and the Tren for about 5 days. I am taking cabergoline .5mg E3D. No sides yet other than possibly more sweating in the gym.

My rationale behind giving it a try was that I just wanted that bit of extra strength/nutrient partitioning that a bit of extra Tren should provide. I am planning to reduce calories slightly to lean up a bit and thought this addition would help me continue to make strength gains.


I don’t think mixing them matters as much as the total volume/mg of test:19-Nor.

I would drop the NPP and add in tren at 350mg/wk. the reason wouldnt be the stack being evil, just that the effect of tren is better than that of Nandrolone dose for dose, more anabolic and better ‘quality’ look IME.

A moderate dose of tren like 350 will blunt hunger somewhat - really assisting body comp while on the drug.
IME 210mg does not do this.

Contrary to past posts on the site and to popular belief, the Test:Nor ratio is not an issue. It is more than possible and effective to use a higher amount of Nortest than Test, as long as there is enough DHT to support normal function of libido/mood… it is ample. The problem when i first joined the board was believed to be one of DHT - but i and many others have since learnt that it is one of excess prolactin casued by the progestin and estrogen level.
Enter caber.

Tren isnt problematic in this regard AFAIK - but nandro is very much so. But you have caber so should be decent :wink:

I would be interested in the results of the stack portion of the cycle - they are both the same class so i personally would use just a higher dose of tren… but it is of interest regardless.


I know tren would be better for my current goals, but I only have a small amount of NPP left anyway so I thought I would just run it.

My next cycle is definitely going to include 350mg of Tren A.

I will post my results here after the stack portion is up.

My hope is that I maintain roughly the same weight while leaning out. I will be adding some low intensity cardio and cutting back calories.

Ok Brook got me thinking, and I admit I have some major A.D.D. with this cycle. However, I think I am going to just drop the NPP because I believe it has caused me lethargy over the past few weeks.

This will allow me to up the Tren A dose from 30 to 50. Tren is better suited for my current goals anyhow.

Really I was just trying to use up this NPP but it was somewhat cheap and I only have about .5 gram left so I don’t feel bad dropping it.