tren,winny cycle

I am getting ready to start a cycle of injectable tren at 75mg ED for 8 weeks and injectable winstrol EOD for the last 6 weeks. I was would like to know how important it is to take an anti-estrogen post cycle, and at what dossage/length. Also I would like to know if any other supplements such as pro-steroids or milk thistle would be of any aid durring the 8 weeks. I would appreciate any feedback. This is my first time dealing with fina and I have found a lot of contraversy around the question of it aromatizing. Any responses or experiences would be greatly appreciated.

neither aromatize, therefore an anti-e isnt necessary while on. tren can cause gyno but not through estrogen. you will need pct however.

I’d go with Serophene or Clomid just in case…

Thanks for your responses. To prevent the gyno should I run clomid throughout,mid-cycle,or just after. Also would M or Tribex help at all while on.

the gyno caused by tren is not estrogen related. therefore an anti-e wont help. do some research on progesterone induced gyno.

I always use clomid no matter what. It’s cheap insurance. Usually start it 1/4 the way into a cycle of any particular length.