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Tren + Winny Cutting Cycle


Hey Guys,

I'm looking to launch a cutting cycle to get down to 6-7% bodyfat. I have prior experience with roids (a few cycles of Sustanon + Winny), but prior stabs at losing bodyfat with Clen alone have proved largely unfulfilling.

I'm thinking of doing 375mg / week of Tren Ace and 300mg / week of Winny (oral). I'll throw in some Clomid regardless and perhaps do a staged T3 run as well (starting at 25mg, rolling to 75mg and then down again).

My primary goal is to lose bodyfat quickly - muscle gain is of de minimis important for this run. If any members with prior experience with Tren + Winny could comment and offer guidance, I would much appreciate it.



If you want a functioning penis, you should run at least a low dose of test.


300mg/wk of oral Winstrol sounds good. I'm assuming you have a donor liver lined up already?


?? That's six tabs / week. How in the world will that blow up my liver?


Thanks. Some of the older materials / books that I have seem to indicate that for a short cycle (~4 weeks - I'm already at 10-11% bf), Tren + Winny should be fine w/o the Test. Is that info dated?


What? That's less than 50mg/d

What are you saying? Or are you now resorting to trolling 100% of the time?


lollllll, I must've been sleep deprived because I could've swore that said 300mg/DAY. That in conjunction with the fact that most people list the amount of orals in a mg/day (not week) ratio. I'm running Winstrol at "420-490mg/wk" right now.

Nice catch, short-stack.


Now that's settled, any comments on the efficacy of the proposed stack? Thanks.


I would add a replacement dose of test (E or C) so when you have finished up your oral winstrol Tren E is not the only remaining steroid in your body. Alternatively I would use Tren Ace instead of Tren E.

Good luck