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Tren vs Test - Gains and Strength?

i know tren is 5 times stronger in anabolic and androgenic ratio to compare with test but if i run 1000mg of test e per week vs 200mg tren e per week ( which cycle i gain most ) i think test gonna win on same aas ratio in gains and strength ? its not about mg to mg its about aas ratio to aas ratio , what you think and your opinion suggestion ? intersting topic

Real life experiences mean far more than AAS ratios developed using mice. Haven’t used tren, but have heard experienced users say it generally is about 3x as powerful as test. Ymmv.

i used tren 200mg per week its strong in strength but it dont give me much gains as on i was run 500 mg test ( test is always gonna win no steroids can beat test and i exeperienced this and u always listen many times this lines testosterone is king ) all pro olympics athletes run hgh in extreme high dose and test in grams (3,4,5 grams per week ) nobody can win olympic just inject 200 to 1000 mg trenbolone

No… they do not. Maybe high level competitors outside of the Olympics.

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lol everybody in olympics takes fucking huge amounts of steroids fast acting ( test prop ,sus, and npp fast acting deca ester ), u dont know this thing lmao

This is just silly. You really think everybody is doing it? You know there is air pistol target shooting as an Olympic sport, also archery. Do the curlers in the Winter Olympics shoot grams?

Even the sports were being strong helps a lot, some are in fact clean. I can agree that many do use in these sports, but not all.

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Apparently you think short esters equal short detection times. They do not. First of all Sus is not short ester, its a blend. Second of all NPP, while short ester, has a massively long detection time. I’m gonna continue to disagree with you this. Anti-doping is pretty huge and highly successful in the Olympics.


yes i agree , my words meaning are same as u said

sus mean test suspension

I thought sus was sustanon, which is a blend of 3 (or more?) esterified testosterones. Test suspension is unesterified test… or am I completely wrong?

Please don’t coach any olympic athletes. Good resources to give you some context on how sensitive testing is today.

Elimination time course for labeled nandrolone (not the ester):

Huge variability in the individual profiles. Again, this is just the time course for nandrolone, not the oil depot of esterified AAS.

Let’s say you can read even the least little bit and understand something about elimination half life.

Here’s decent example with oxandrolone (10 hr elimination half life, right?):

Oxandrolone and metabolite concentrations were no more than 330 pg/mL 14 days after stopping administration. That’s 0.33 ppb! And the authors aren’t even trying to hard here.

In practice, you need significant resources to fingerprint your individual metabolism of a PED using high res mass spec to even think about beating sensitive analytical tools available today.

In conclusion, please don’t recommend using “short acting” esterified AAS in an olympic athlete’s training program. These people are the genetic elite and have smart people working with them.