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Tren TRT Protocol


Hey all. Im curious if anyone can tell me if 25mg tren ace/day enough to be beneficial for the nutrient partitioning effects?? If so Id like to run this indefinantly. On the other side of the coin, if it is a waste of time and gear then ill drop the thought altogether…thanks for any input.
Btw, i currently am on TRT (125 test c/wk)


I think you’ll see some benefite, but indefinitely not sure I guess use blood work and auto regulate


Also I would probably run tren enanthate


I did not think of Enan(175mg/wk) as ive only used ace but that would be a lot less stabs over time, good call! I might give this a try for a couple month run (8 weeker) then report back any results. If any.


Then again, I highly doubt one could notice his nutrients being partitioned better. LOL. But Ill see if it seems that I stay cut and muscles solid and full for the duration. Guess that would be what to look for. My diet is usually clean so I generally stay low Bf (10-12% anyways)


Right, that and better pumps, also just throwing it out there Dorian used about that of parabolan running into shows.


There’s a ton of posts on this subject. Do your research first then come back if you still have questions.


you don’t suppose you could post a link rather than just send me into the wilderness on my own to figure it out do ya? I didn’t know this was a commonly asked about topic (TRT Dose of tren), my bad.


I haven’t read it yet, most guys on trt blast and cruise. I know one guy who uses primo all year.