Tren: "The Heaviest and Most Taxing on Your Body"

Just a quick debate/opinions.

You always hear that Tren is the most dangerous and most taxing steroid on your system, and sure the side effects are terrible at high dosages, it definetely feels very heavy compared to other compounds.

However, If someone would take a low dose of Tren and Test, is it really more taxing on the body than going banana’s with other compounds? I dont believe so.

For example personally I have experimented with quite a lot of compounds before.

Personally for me to get the same gains as I would have with 200 Tren + 200 Test, I need about 500MG Deca + 500MG of Test at least or more to get the same gains, im talking pure lean tissue without the water.

Not even 100MG of Anadrol or Anavar day with 750MG of Test a week gives me the same results as just 200MG tren a week.

For Test and EQ I would have to take over 500MG or probably more of each as well, with maybe an oral added, for the same results.

You often hear people about why they dont take Tren, or talking about why people should not be doing Tren, while often they cycle for example like 1000MG Test with 500 MG EQ + 500 MG Deca, and even an Oral added.

How on earth is that less taxing on the body than a low dose of Tren, especially with all the AI that have to be added to those cycles, I doubt it.

I’m not saying that Tren is safe, obviously it’s not, but if you have to take twice or tripple as much higher dosages of other compounds for the same results, does it then really matter?

This is a good point. I often hear people saying “a gram of gear is way too much”… well 500 mg of test and 500 mg of Masteron is not even close to 500 mg of Tren and 500 mg of test. The sides of Tren that concern me the most aren’t cholesterol, BP, insomnia, or any of that. More so the neurological effects on your brain chemistry. Some people respond to Tren very well, being able to dose high with little apparent sides — but there’s a lot of underlying effects that could be happening that you don’t realize

Another point that doesn’t make sense to me is advice to save tren for a later cycle when you are more advanced. Obviously I do less damage to my body if I do 2 cycles with tren in the second than 10 cycles with tren in the 10th.

The issue is that nobody stops after two cycles. Your theory would have some merit if we were to discount everything we know about human nature.


touché. We give little guys on here advice to eat more when they want to try steroids at 5’10" 165lbs, though, when we know human nature says they won’t hear us. We should therefore give people advice not to plan to do 10 cycles lol.

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I can’t argue with your logic on that one. I want to, but I can’t. You’re not wrong.

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So 8-9 cycles is the safe zone! Got it


8-9 cycles of tren only 20 weeks each you can run test only cycles up to 100 times.

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going to start a Vlog called tren 24/7 chronicling my year long journey of taking tren every week for 1 year.

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That sounds like a really good idea.


thanks for the support

I think he was being sarcastic… it’s a bad idea

But I’m interested to see what happens nonetheless

Particularly relating to lipids, renal function, haematological parameters and LFT’s (despite not being c17aa tren itself has quite a bit of resistance in relation to hepatic metabolism… look at how toxic methyltren is…)

Man methyltren is the scariest shit I ever used, will NEVER touch that again.

I remember i tried it because i was on Tren A at the time but it was out of stock at some point and my bottle was empty, so I tried a very small dose of that instead.

Weirdest shit happened, 2 days in I randomly had my knees collapse when walking in public, suddenly my knees would give out and had to be carried to a taxi, couldnt walk, then at home my arms also stopped working as well, it was like i was damn paralyzed, had to lay on bed few hours till i could move again, scariest shit iever experienced, stopped instantly, I will never use that again, I went to the doctor even told him exactly what I used, and the moron said maybe low pottasium lol, which it wasnt, I felt fine after stopping though.

What could’ve been the reason for that? Still wonder to this day. The extreme tax on liver or something? To this day I have no idea.

Actually it could’ve been an electrolyte imbalance

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Due to the substance?

But I was eating lots of fruit, talking multivits, magnesium etcetera

I always thought maybe it hit my liver or kidneys very hard or something?

Yes, fluid and electrolyte retention/imbalance is a known side effect pertaining to certain AAS. Dbol makes my muscles twitch at times. Must be careful though, extensive imbalance can facilitate lethal cardiac arrhythmia (esp with potassium imbalance)

You most certainly did… there’s one log online of a guy using Mtren for 3-4 weeks… he died halfway through the log

Holy sh*t, can you link that?

Man I knew something was up with it, I would never dare to touch it again.

Link what? That AAS can induce electrolyte abnormalities. Go to mims, look at the documented side effects from methandienone, oxandrolone etc, you’ll see it’s a documented… rather common side effect. Literature also demonstrates dbol induces significant potassium retention.

That dude’s log, is there a report of what happened within his body?