Tren That Smells Like Mothballs

Is the cheap tren that smells like mothballs that going around safe and or any good.


Don’t know on that.


Tren and safe never go together lol j/k just pulling your leg

Its the best shit for keeping moths off your clothes.

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There’s a saying we use when we trim our meat for cooking - “The nose Knows”. That’s your brain saying “This is probably bad sh!t”. Mind you there are a lot of people around here with opinions on Tren - and I’m one of them. Like Fire1982 said - Tren and safe don’t go together lol. If you haven’t sourced it legit and KNOW it’s good - why the hell would you put it in your body?

My comment wasn’t in regards to the moth ball scent, just tren in general.

I haven’t used it as soon as I smelled it red flags went up so I thought I would see if anyone else experienced the same thing the source tho a cheaper alternative usually has ok stuff so I was surprised when I smelled fuckin mothballs or some shit from it

It’s my understanding that most (if not all) tren is sourced from Finaplix. From what I can find, no naphthalene is used in this process (and it would not be logical to do so anyway). So unless your source is performing a total synthesis of tren starting from naphthalene, there should be no mothball smell to your stuff.

I would definitely not use it.

Just don’t mix up you tren with your moth balls, or you’ll have a really big moth problem lol

Thanks for your answer. Its it even possible to synthesize tren from napthalene. Some on with gcms should analyze the tren from well I won’t name the lab but tg should be looked at i wouldn’t want some first timer to use that thinking that’s what its supposed to be like and become ill

Not anymore

I’m sure it’s possible, but it would be highly inefficient. I was being facetious implying that your source was doing that (no disrespect intended though, chemist humor).

As far as testing it, if you ordered it online, you could contact them and make a complaint. Selling bunk gear is bad for their reputation.