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Tren/Test/Winny + ?

5 weeks

Tren 80mg/ED
Test 800mg/EOD (fronload 1.6g)
Winstrol 50mg/ED
Arimidex 0.5mg/EOD
Clomid post cycle

I’d like to add Anavar 25mg/ED, but the response would be, “no need to since you got Tren.”
Well, I had my Anavar tabs for over a year and I’ll always use Tren.

As long as this won’t be counterproductive, can I use it so I can finish the tabs?

TEST 800MG EOD??? holy shit dude!

Well, your question is whether or not it will be counterproductive to add Anavar. The answer is: No, it won’t be counterproductive as far as gains are concerned. Health is another issue altogether. You’re nearing 4 grams/wk of gear. Why?
How many cycles have you done? I’m hoping that test dosage was a typo.

That’s Test Prop 200mg/EOD

That looks a lot better. Now, the only thing I can provide is MY opinion, which will surely differ from that of the next guy.

I’m not a fan of var; I think it’s for girls, no offense. Var for chicks, Drol for us dicks. But you have some already, so that’s cool. If you want to use it, sure, go ahead. Do I think it will add to your gains? Yes for strength gains, no for mass gains. That kinda depends on your dosages too, which I don’t know.

Also keep in mind (and I know you already knew this) that both the Var and the Winny are 17-aa, so get your shit checked and stuff.