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Tren\Test\Winny Cycle


Ok, the cycle I am proposing is going to be a cutting cycle. This will be my second cycle, and the first was a great success. On the first cycle I gained 13 lbs of muscle and reduced bodyfat about 2-3%.

However, on this cycle I want to reach and maintain single digit bodyfat. I will be doing a low carb diet on this cycle. I was going to run the orals for a kick start, but I remembered Winny's anti-prog properties, so I decided to run it longer due to potential gyno issues with the tren.

Week 1-2 50mg Dbol ED
Week 1-4 40mg Winstrol ED
Week 1-6 140mg Tren-E E3D
Week 1-8 240mg Test-E E3D w\ 600mg frontload
Week 1-8 Adex 0.50mg E3D
Week 10-12 Nolva 40mg ED
Week 12-14 Nolva 20mg ED

I understand my levels will not be optimum with the 600mg as opposed to 685mg, but I am being conservative for the dead zone in the syringe on all my injections (not for tren as I will inject in the same syringe) and because I have only 6000mg\20ml of Test-E.

I understand one should run Tren Ace when first testing out Tren due to the sides, but I am just going to deal with the sides because Tren-A is twice as expensive and my budget is getting tight. I was going to run Drol for the kickstart because it worked so well my last cycle, but it is too expensive and I have a bunch of left over Dbol.

Edit: Added frontload for Test-E, added Adex, and modified Tren-E dosage.


I don't think you will see much from tren E at only 233mg a week for 6 weeks. By the time it builds up in your system you won't have but a couple weeks to enjoy. However, most would not recommend a frontload especially with no experience with tren.

How much tren E do you have available to use? I think 150mg E3D would be better with the short time you are choosing to run an enanthate ester.

Also, why not run the winny out 2 weeks before and 2 weeks past your last shot as you are waiting for the Test E to leave your system?


I can probably run 130mg E3D (I got 2000mg of Tren-E), but otherwise I would have to order more, but to complete the cycle I would only need 2250mg of Tren-E for 150mg E3d and that would be a waste of $ in my opinion. Should I just shorten the Tren-E down to 13 injections as opposed to 15 injections? I would also rather run the winny with the Dbol because winny is hard on my joints. Is it very beneficial to run it later in the cycle as oppose to earlier on?


130 E3d would be better. But if you have 2 grams of Tren E you should be able to run 140mg E3D for six weeks. That would be .7ml E3D.

I was only suggesting you run the winny later in the cycle so that after your last shot of test, as your test levels are declining, you could still be making solid gains with the winny right up until you start PCT.


Ah, if that is the case, then I may just run it earlier in the cycle. My last cycle I made most of my mass gains in the first 4-5 weeks, everything after that seemed just me getting leaner and stronger, I might of gained 3 or 4 lbs after my 5th week (it was an 8 week cycle).


Ok, I am going to assume my cycle is ok to run now due to the lack of posts, but thanks for the information about the Tren-E, would not of liked wasting that gear =].


Let us know how it works out for you.