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Tren : Test Ratios?


Hi all

Been reading a bit about tren ace / test prop cycles and seeing some conflicting stuff around the web (need more test for fina dick, more tren can hold back sides, too much tren too many sides, etc etc). Curious what kind of ratio everyone likes their tren:test and why?



It is not a matter of ratios but of amounts of each drug.


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bushi, lets say some knkucklehead said fuck that, I'm going with a gram of test an 400 tren cyp? how extreme the sides can get? also how much caber and letro would be appropriate? All hypothetically speaking


As BBB knows we don;t always agree, LOL ... but oddly enough my stubborn ass decided to try this the last time i ran tren and it really makes a difference...i have no idea why and won't pretend to but it did make a huge difference. I personally ran 200mg test cypionate and 700mg of tren acetate weekly. perhaps Bill may have some actual science based theories on why this happens.


this really all depends on the person....some have no issues whatsoever...some find it toatlly wrecks them ... its for people like that that the combination of lower test and higher tren seem to help. But you may find (hypothetically) that your proposed situation works just fine for you.


more test , better gains? more sides. dead on or what? seems like I'll be running head first into te wall and find if I fuk up too bad. but with tren cyp I can always boot it and ride out a week of bad sides. I love being a guinea pig lol, and if it wasn't for like individuals and if it was easy we';d have a bunch of arnolds walking around and it simply wouldnt appeal anymore :slightly_smiling:


Ive run about 1200mg of test E and 800mg tren ace with 350mg/week dbol.

Minimal issues. BP being the only one that I was concerned enough to check regularly using a home monitor.

But this is not my first rodeo with tren, and I have run MOSTLY high dose test cycles in the past, so Im very comfortable with test in general at almost any dosage.

Just play it smart, ladder up the tren slow, dont get cocky with long esters.

AND run your damn dopamine agonists from the get go. I see so many guys just keep it on hand, I dont claim to be an old dog, or even a very experienced or well educated user compared to some, but I see no reason to not keep the ancillaries ticking from square one EVERY time.

It makes me less aggressive, improves my mood, and keeps that prolactin in check.

Im calmer with prami and letro; on over a gram of test and nearly a gram of tren with high dose dbol than I used to be on the same ammount of just test and dbol with just letro.

Could some of this be attributed to learning better control and becoming a more experienced steroid user ? Probably. But I do credit dopamine agonists for much of my stablility of moods.

Im aggressive as most of us are even off cycle Im sure and I still get angry from time to time, but I dont let it show, Im completely in check and under control, I can reel it in almost immediately with some logical thinking and deep breaths if I feel like Im going to start losing control.

Its so important as you get very large and strong and start to run high doses to be aware and constantly evaluating your emotional state. We play too dangerous a game to not be fully alert and aware of ourselves when we are bigger and stronger and more aggressive than ever.

My girl kept pushing me recently when we were drunk, Ive noticed that when shes drunk and mad at me she does this, Im not a very openly emotional guy and she likes to see raw emotion from time to time just to confirm in her mind that I still care about her. In her mind, since Im so tightly controlled, If she can make me mad and hurt and angry, I care.

I understand it, its nice to let loose now and again in full honesty too. I enjoy it, need it from time to time.

She just kept at it for almost 4 hours, I had to eventually sit her down and explain to her that we cant have those epic fights where we scream at each other and I break doors and furniture and then fuck like angry rabbits. She cant try to push me till I crack when Im on cycle, its too risky.

She was still pissy, but she begrudgingly acknowledged this. Besides I guess she got to see legitimate fear from me that I might hurt her, which also I suppose confirms with raw emotion that I care, so...now that I think about it, she still got what she wanted.

Anyways, long rambling story aside, be constantly on guard with tren and really any steroid, its not to be trusted emotionally, its a tricky bitch.


well put


Thanks for the opinions all :slight_smile:


Hey fellas...Ok..I want to start my first cycle of Tren E/ Test E. 300mg / 500mg. I have been working out and eating decently for about 7 yrs. i have a decent amount of muscle mass. I am 6'4" 280lbs but by no means FAT! I am prior service military and played sports in college, so I'm in decent shape, but I dont want to blow up on just Test. I want to do this cycle for 7 weeks and then go from there. Any input??? What PCT's should i take??