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Tren/Test Ratio?

What’s up guys.

Got questions on a tren test cycle.

First things first:
29 y/o, 181 lbs, 3 years lifting, 205/285/415 bench/squat/deadlift

Ran one cycle before Sustanon 350 @ 700 mg a week for 12 weeks, about a year ago

I’m thinking of running tren e with sust. Never ran tren before and I hear ace is recommended due to potential for nasty sides and length of the ester, but I prefer long acting esters in terms of gains sticking and having to pin less. I’ve read about a 3 to 1 ration tren to test, but also seen people run test higher. Was considering something like 400/wk tren e 250/wk Sustanon for 12 weeks. Just want some feedback on that ratio and choice of compounds. Also PCT

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Esters have nothing to do with gains “sticking”

Im all for using tren but nothing about your stats justify tren use right now

This is a hot topic the ol Tren to test debate… but yeah man no reason to mess with Tren on cycle #2 really no need

You think just another test only cycle or what?

I’m not opposed to the idea of using other compounds. I just don’t think the stats call for tren yet.

What’s your goals for this cycle? Bulk? Cut?

Bulk/strength is the goal. But I sure don’t mind the idea of muscle dryness, vascularity etc that tren boasts.

I’m gonna sound like every asshole on these forums so forgive me but ideally I wanna gain some size, strength, and lose a bit of fat. I’m aware it’s much more realistic to pick one goal and move in that direction

I dont know enough about you to necessarily suggest a cycle and dosing etc but I will give you a couple ideas for you to research.

Test, masteron, anavar cycle
Test, masteron, EQ cycle
Test, masteron, EQ, anavar

Keep the test low and let the other compounds do thier work. These cycles will keep you relatively dry and hard as well as allow you to gain lean mass while possibly leaning out a bit if done right.

What are your thoughts on just test and anavar? Or you think the Masteron is a real crucial piece

Test and anavar sounds great!

Im just a fan of masteron and when I give advice I like to suggest things that I would personally do myself.

With that being said if you run test and var only I’m sure you will have a great cycle if your diet and training is on point.

If you never ran tren before I would use like 200 a week. Why jump straight into 400 when the only thing you have ran in the past is test. You can do what you want so I suggest you do like 150-200 test 200 tren.


what would you suggest dosage and length on a

Test/Maestron/EQ/ Var cycle?

Also, why is Tren so goddamn popular when it’s like the most brutal experience running it? Are the gains that insane? Do people even keep those gains?

I think your right… TBH I’ve run test prop & var +HGH as a spring/summer cycle for years and had great results… as a cut cycle it’s great… with this combo you can totally add meat & strip off fat. Don’t expect to add 20lbs but you can melt of 1% fat every week & add around 1lb of meat…the gainz from var & HGH are very solid and keepable… if u can afford it… here’s what I’ve done that works…
Test prop 1ml EOD 12 weeks
Var 80mg daily 12 weeks
Hgh 4iu daily
Anastrozle .25 eod
HCG 500 per week
Diet keep protien 1.5 g per lb
Fat .5 g per lb
Carbs 1.5-0.5 per lb (tapper as u go)
I stand behind this cycle like buying blue Chip stock… I did this every spring for 3 yrs then added Tren to it as gainz dipped… but I found it side effect free except var cramps. Prop Burns so you gotta toughen up don’t do leg shots…but no need for Tren until this starts to fade

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I dont like to suggest dosages to people iv never met now if iv been training with someone for a while and I know more about them I might give them some advice on what doses to run but it’s hard to do that over the internet. I will tell you how I would run it tho.

Test around 200/week masteron around 500/week and I would probably pyramid the var and run it 8 weeks with 50mg/day being lowest dose and 100/mg day being highest. The reason for pyramiding it would be to see how my body handles it. I find it’s easier to go up in oral dosages if I start at 50mg/day for 2 weeks then increase to 100/day rather then jump straight on 100/day.

I would run this as a cut cycle so unlike a lean bulk I wouldn’t run it 16-20 weeks. i would probably only run it 12 weeks. First 4 weeks would be letting the test/mast build up following 8 weeks would be using the var.

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Just got everything in today. Wanted to ask one more question. Should I start running the anavar immediately or let the test build up? Thanks

I would run it at the end or wait 3-4 weeks

Any particular reason?

I think orals better shine when your androgen and anabolic levels are at their peak allowing for better synergy.

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