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Tren/Test Question

Hey guys,

Ive done a few basic cycles. So this isn’t my first but I am still fairly green…so here is my situation. I began a test only cycle 4 weeks ago. That consisted of 750 mg of test only… I just got one bottle (10 ml, 200 mg per ml) of Tren from a buddy and have been itching to try it… I have 22 ml of test cyp left (250 mg per ml) What should I do:

1: Continue the 750 mg/per week test regiment and use the tren for the next cyle.

  1. Cut back the test to 500 mg/per week and work in 400 mg/per week of tren, for 5 weeks in the middle of this cylcle.

  2. Run 500 mg/per week of test and 200 mg per of tren for the next 10 weeks.

My goal is to put on mass, currently I am 5’8 180 lbs, failry lean right now. I put on about 8 lbs already running the test alone for the 4 weeks… any help here would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!

Is it tren a or e?

For your first go with tren I would start around 300 to 400Mg and adjust accordingly, do you have a DA such as caber for potential prolactin issues? If not I would wait till next time.