Experienced user. Compounds previously used were Deca, test e, test c, tbol
Made some glorious gains with hardly any side effects other than some periodic backne.
I am looking to trim some fat for the first few weeks with calorie restrictions,low fat, sufficient protein intake.Then will concentrate on lean gains later in the cycle. Hopefully this all helps with the spring time trim!!(in about 7 months)

Age 30
Current state. 185LBS /84KG
HEIGHT 170CM / 5Feet 7 Inches
Body Fat around 25%

Liver Care and periodic detox will be taken. Little to No alcohol will be consumed during cycle.

Never taken tren, want to try it but also want to be able to get off if not liking the mental effects and already have a short temper(I am 5 foot 7 and irish so…)

Believe me I’m aware of the KISS theory but, i started to peice togather a cycle (twice) then didnt end up going forward now i have a bunch of compounds that id like to make use of rolls eye’s

Current plan on the drawing board
–Weeks 1-5
Test 400 @ 400 MG per week
–Week 5-8
Test 400 @ 400MG per week
NPP(100) @ 300MG per week
–Week 8-10
BloodWork update
Sust250 500MG per week
NPP 400MG per week
Anavar 20mg
–Week 10-16
NPP 200 per week
Tren Ace/Test Prop(100mg TP/75mg TA)
.7ML EOD = 490MG test week & 315MG tren per week
Anavar 20mg
Bloodwork Update

…Will run test prop/tren ace to finish line unless i run out(only have 1 bottle), if so will just go to the finish line at 16 weeks with test only.

–Week 16-18
liver support,detox Lots of H2o

–Week 18-20
HCG 1120iu per week)
Clomid 50mg daily
Nolvadex 20mg daily
–Week 20-22
HCG 1120 per week
Clomid 25 daily
Nolvadex 10mg daily
–Week 22-24
Nolvadex 10mg daily

Cue the following… Get in shape before you even consider anabolics. I can save a dozen responses simply by stating this.


What in the fuck makes you think these stats require Tren, Test, NPP and Var?

Holy fuck.

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Not wrong, but already started the test may as well go big or stay home :slight_smile:

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Hmmm… I guess thats a personal choice. Would love for you to log your cycle to see the transformation.

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Cause holy fuck its grow season bud

I can definitely keep up on the updates if wanted. I have stellar genetics so, going to let those carry me with a bonus from the ol muscle memory lol

… yeah, it has been grow season bud. Why do you look like this?

I’m not asking this to be a dick, I’m asking because either your diet, your training, or your commitment is shit. Any and all of these which are lacking should be addressed well before touching any of the stuff you’re trying to.

Do you know what you ate, specifically, the last 3 days?
What are your PRs?
What does your training look like, in detail?

How do you determine this?

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Please do. I would love to see a successful transformation with some hardcore gear. Its not something I would personally do, but its fun to watch!


Because bitches said dad bod is in so i wanted to test the theory out. LOL no i blew my knee out and broke my T1 vertebrae racing motocross. Ive been in and out the hospital last 4 years getting straightened out and things look to be sorted out now feeling really good. Been doing cardio and core exercises for the better part of that 4 years to stay from turning into a bowling ball. Last 3 months have been concentrated core, stretching, cardio, and light weights to limber up and get ready for getting big and lean again.

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2018-6 months before my dirtbike backflip(body back flipped- bike did not)

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That’s a crazy transformation in reverse! Let’s see you get back there. Can you post every 1-2 weeks with updates?


Then KISS: test plus the Tren only


Cant promise that consistent , but i can definitely make it a habit to show how the journey is going :muscle:t2:

Good theory i thought about this also, i just always had good results with deca especially with the prompt recovery of muscle and being im getting back into it after some damage i figured add it in , even just small dosages to reap those benefits still

Just my opinion on your cycle. What @swoops39 said I think it pretty on point. I don’t see the need for NPP or Deca and Tren. One or the other.

I don’t think Var and NPP or Deca is that great of a combo. One has a watery look, and the other dry. Var and Tren, sure, but you are basically adding only a tiny bit of effect with Var compared to Tren. I see the Tren and Var combo useful for competition (strength or bodybuilding, but I’d think anadrol would be better for the former).

Moral of the story, if it’s your first go with Tren, stick with Test and Tren only.

Disclaimer: I haven’t used Tren or NPP / Deca. I keep it simple with Test and maybe an oral (Tbol preferred, didn’t like Var, and Drol destroys my stomach).

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I agree with this too. It seems odd to take compounds with opposing objectives, if alternatives are available. If not, maybe the strength boost from the Var is enough to add it in? In that case maybe just take more test?


Going to be altering my cycle a bit, but at this point I’m going with the flow!
Feeling good so dont want to mess with anything.
Been fairly consistently going to gym everyday. On week 6 of test, on week 2 of npp. Test is/has set in im sure. Morning wood likely is my confirmation. Npp probably not far behind!
Diet is a major part, and will be key ingredient as i got aome fat to trim WHILE putting my mass back on so going to try and do this as efficiently as possible! Not to worried about weight as i feel ill be trading lbs for lbs. Have gained about 10lbs since i starting lifting heavier weight again.

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hard to believe that’s the same person

neck is even bigger


Currently running 300mg NPP & Test400 @ 400 a week. Will be up this test to 500 with test cyp this week. This will be week 8 of test, week 4 of NPP coming up…
Been fairly consistent on the gym, flu hit me so had a couple days off recovery on the soup diet for that. But back atter!