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Tren/Test/Mast or Tren/Test/Winny


So, been off the forum for a while. Been blast/cruise with test/deca with adex as ai. 500test 375 deca for 12w then cruise for 12 with 250 test. Stats are 215 5'9" and 15bf currently. Got down to 12 over the summer on cruise and super strict diet. Wanna switch things up. Tired of the water weight and bf roller coaster. So figured its time to switch.

Lets try tren/test and possibly winny or mast the first go round to drop the water from the current deca test cycle. Strenghth is way up. 435 bench 545sq 605 dl...almost 1500.
1. E or ace for tren
2. Mast or winny
3. Hcg at 500 per week ai .25 eod
Advise from some experienced guys would be greatly appreciated.

  1. Ace. Pin ED and it will be much more stable in your blood
  2. You could run both together or at different points.
  3. That’s fine; AI will depend on your estrogen