Tren/Test/Mast Blend

What’s up everyone? I didn’t think this day would come so soon but I’m planning another cycle for down the road. I’ve got a sweet deal on a tren ace, test prop, mast prop blend 50/50/50mg/ml and I’m probably going to jump on it. Hopefully I’ll have the self control to stash it away for a few months. How would you guys go about running this? 1ml/day makes 350 of each per week, which sounds like plenty.

My main question is when to run it? On its own for 6-8 weeks, to start a cycle with something else our finish one off? I like the idea of running 600-750 test e per week with a medium dose winstrol for 6 weeks then the ttm blend only for the last 6. That would allow me to introduce one new compound (winstrol) and evaluate its effect, then switch over to esters that would clear quickly if I discontinued their use due to unfamiliar sides.

Goals are recomp and strength, maybe a little weight gain. I’m pretty pleased with my weight right now and am in no rush be much heavier. I definitely don’t want to be smaller though. Thanks for looking.

I had a thread about this a while back:

Was gonna run it for the whole cycle, but decided instead to do a bit of a longer one (14 weeks or so) with the first 10 at low test/high tren to recomp and lose as much fat as I could, and then the tri-blend for the last 4 weeks or so to bring it home. I think I settled on right at 350 mg/week of each.

I’ve got a log tracking it but I’m only at the 2 week mark on the test/tren portion so the tri blend is still a ways off.

Yeah, I’m definitely following your log closely. Thanks for the reply. Your strategy is almost precisely what I had in mind, I’m just trying to run lower tren since it will be my first go with it. Winny is cheap too. That’s not the be-all-end-all but it’s still an important consideration. If I could score some var cheap, I might run some like Buds has planned though I’m leaning (no pun intended) toward putting the blend at the end when body fat will be lowest.

Tren, test, mast is without a doubt my favorite cocktail. This blend is great for a really long cycle or a very nice finisher the last 4-6 weeks. I prefer my mast a little higher but its a blend, what can you do. I like to run dbol and anadrol with mine, 4 week of drol start and 4 weeks dbol at the end, then back to 250mg test a week maintenance dosage. Var would be a great addition but the price always makes me leave it out.

Keep in mind though, all my cycles are geared for strength not aesthetics or recomp.

If this is your first go around on tren and mast I wouldnt get to carried away with too many orals and a complex cycle. If you are going to be using high test in the beginning weeks I would run sust instead of cyp or enanthate just to make the transfer into the tri blend easier. You can still run winny at 50mg a day for first few weeks though.

I’m primarily in it for the strength but I’ll never be big enough to justify carrying much fat, so that’s always in the back of my mind. I guess my bodycomp goals are “be mostly muscle at the top of the 93 weight class”. I’ve enjoyed the not-so-subtle changes that have taken place with just ~600mg/week test and can only imagine what that cocktail like tren/prop/mast might produce. Sustanon didn’t even occur to me but it makes a lot of sense. Thanks.

mast usually isnt noticed much if you BF% isnt very low… it does help with libido and “feel good”. i make nice gains from high test and high tren and i feel good on the 1:1 ratio as well… you might throw some EQ in instead of the mast… or some good orals.

Well, I’m looking to move on this soon. It seems intuitive to me that running sust/Winny for 6 weeks and this blend for another 6 would provide better results than just 12 weeks of tren/test/mast at a constant dosage. Going in for 8-10 vials of shit I don’t how I’ll react to seems foolish too but damn, the price is right. Any last advice?

So far I’m loving this stack. It’s worth it to try it and hell if the price is right why not, even if your body reacts in a negative way maybe next time try playing with the dosages.


It just dawned on me… would this be your second cycle? Because I may have to retract my green light on this.

[quote]tattoo’d’popeye wrote:

It just dawned on me… would this be your second cycle? Because I may have to retract my green light on this.[/quote]

it’s a heavy second cycle for sure

yeah dude, we need to talk about this. I mean if its a great deal you cant pass up, then buy it, but put in far away in the darkest corner of you closet, where even the dust bunnies are scared to go.

Yeah, second cycle - Heavy duty. I have my reservations so I haven’t bought anything yet. I think the sust/winny combo is close to what I’m looking for which is lean strength. My thought was to run the winstrol with a test base, introducing one new compound, then terminate its use and switch to the blend. While they’re definitely strong compounds in there, they’ll all clear pretty quickly if some nasty sides pop up. I’m honestly less enthused about oral winstrol than I am everyday injections with strong androgens.

Generally speaking, why is tren frowned on for use in earlier cycles? Is it “playing your ace card” too early in the aas game (where do you go after tren?) or is there a physiological justification? Shut down? Deca seems like a logical next step but that potentially shuts you down harder. Is it experience for experience’s sake? I’m not denigrating experience, nor am I trying to talk myself into this, I’m genuinely curious.

Popeye, what would you suggest for a “lean strength” second cycle?

Thanks for your input guys.

Exactly man, once you use tren its takes a lot of gear to get your body to respond and grow from my experience. So its mainly frowned upon in early cycles because the gains you will get from tren could have been achieved with much milder compounds. Save the tren for when you no longer respond to certain AAS or your dosage gets to high, then as you put it, you got your ace in the whole. That and it takes the fun out of playing around with other drugs and finding what works best for you.

If a “lean bulk” is what your after run a Sust/Winny or better Sust/Winny/Var.
Deca is good to run and get experience with because it will teach/show recovery methods for when tren comes along.
Do a little EQ or Mast(my favorite)
Add a new oral in here and there(safely) find what works for you
Remember you can “cut” on anything, some compound like dbol, deca and EQ( makes me hungry as shit) are harder but its very doable.
Get some primo and find out exactly why the legends of yesteryear loved it so much.

Don’t go to the theme park and right the most bad ass ride first, because everything after that will not compare even though their great rides!

Play safely and use all of use as much as you need.

I hope this makes sense because I’ve been awake for about 26 hours now, hopefully its makes sense when I re-read this after a little sleep and I don’t sound like a complete dick holster

Makes perfect sense man, thanks. Why does all the good shit have to be so expensive? I think I’ll pass on the sweet deal, something else will come around. I’ll start scrounging for some mast, sust and Winny. Those should be easy enough to come by. Var and primo are a bit out of reach and I’m looking to have another kid soon so I’ll probably stay of the deca until then. Just in case.

You don’t seem to be a big fan of winstrol, is there a reason for that? I’ve heard the injections are rough but it’s cheap a dirt. You like mast e or prop? What ratio would you run eq/mast/test? So many choices, so many questions…

No i don’t have anything against winstrol per say, it just doesn’t help me with PL goals. For BB winstrol is a great.

I prefer Mast E because I usually run really long cycles. Mast will work the best when run at a 1:1 ratio with your other compounds. So if you next cycle would be Sust/EQ/Mast run at 600/600/600 a weeks for 14-16 weeks with winny of the front end or last 4 weeks/or drop it out all together.

Shorter cycle same doses just drop the EQ for a 12 week run of Sust/Mast.

And yeah all the popular stuff gets expensive, but as it fades in and out of the lime light, prices will increase and drop over the years. For example Mast used to be cheap as shit, now its not.

Sounds good. I’ve heard that winny gives a nice strength boost but can be rough on the joints. Not sure if one balances out the other when training heavy. Any particular reason it’s not well suited for power lifting?

Some guys run winny in the PL circles but for me the pain gets to bad. I have micro-clavicular degeneration and arthritis in both shoulders and tendonitis in the both elbows. Every once in a while I will take 50mg winny + 10mg halo for about 7-10 days but thats it.

Like brothers from another vindictive mother. I’ve got two labrum tears, ligamentious laxity in both shoulders, some sweet tennis in both elbows, SI joint arthritis and recurring sciatica from a disc herniation at L5S1. Maybe I’ll pass on the Winny.

PM me your email incredulous.

[quote]incredulous wrote:
Like brothers from another vindictive mother. I’ve got two labrum tears, ligamentious laxity in both shoulders, some sweet tennis in both elbows, SI joint arthritis and recurring sciatica from a disc herniation at L5S1. Maybe I’ll pass on the Winny.[/quote]

Heard that!