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Tren/Test Cyp

I was looking into my 3rd cycle and was suggested this by a friend:

10 wks total 4 wks PCT

1-10-300 mg test every 3 days
1-4-20 mg superdrol ed (have about 4 wks of liquid SD left over from another cycle)
4-10-75 mg tren eod

Being a progestin, I am looking to take nolva weeks 4-10 at 20 mg ed and will have it just in case with week 1-4, even though I never had any signs of gyno with test only. I also want to be sure the test amounts I am using with be a good replacement dose to prevent bad sex drive shutdown, keep me producing estrogen for well being, etc.

Then nolva and clomid through my post cycle 12-16

12-16 nolva 20 mg ed
12-16 clomid 100/50/50/50

My first cycle was 8 wks of tbol and test 450
My second cycle was 8 wks (frontloaded) with test, eq and superdrol (4 wks)

I’m trying to keep things short, 8-10 weeks since I am new to all of this, to test things out, see how I react and then make adjustments from there…I don’t want to jump straight into these crazy long and multi AAS cycles until I build up my knowledge and experience…I figure its better to take things slow and learn than to jump in and get crazy symptoms

30 y/o
200 lbs
9.3% bf