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Tren/Test Cycle

Hi all,

Been lurking for a while, but thought I’d finally jump on board!

I intend on starting my second cycle in the next week or two. I understand for first time Tren users that Tren-A is generally preferred and I understand the reasons why, but after much deliberation I intend to run Tren-E.

My current plan looks something like this:

Two injections a week totalling 400mg Test-E & 300mg Tren-E

I will also run Arimidex and HCG throughout the cycle at the usual amounts and will be aiming for around 12 weeks depending on how I feel.

I’ve kept the Test quite low as I’ve read that some users found the sides from Tren less harsh when the Test was low in comparison to running a high dosage of Test alongside Tren. Of course, some run Tren higher than Test, but as it’s my first time running it I feel it’s important to keep the dosage on the lower side for the time being so I can understand how I react to it.

So my question is: For a first time Tren user, does the ratio seem appropriate, or am I missing something obvious?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I think your test dose is to high I would cut it in half.

You say you know why you should run ace instead but after much deliberation have decided not to. What exactly did you deliberate? You dont want to pin daily?

Arimidex and hcg is fine altho I don’t prescribe to hcg use on cycle.

What are you doing for prolactin control?

Thanks for the reply!

Really? Ok, I’ll keep that in mind!

The main - and only reason really - is that I cannot pin daily due to my current circumstances; I fly out of the country a lot for extended weekends.

I’ve been thinking about prolactin control; I’ve read that some found B6 at 50mg ED enough, but others insisting on caber, what are your thoughts?

B6 is usually dosed at 600 mg/day I don’t like the idea of essentially over dosing your body on vitamin B. If your going to go that route I suggest P5P (activated b6) dosed around 150mg/day.

I wouldn’t insist you need to use caber but I would insist you have it on hand especially if using tren E.

I think it’s important to monitor bloods levels closely while using tren. And it will give you all the answers on what needs to be used.

Thanks dude. I’ll go with P5P then. Bit of a stupid question - do you take 150mg P5P until end of cycle, or continue with it until start of PCT, or even continue through PCT?

I have 75mg capsules I started from day 1 took 1 in the morning 1 in afternoon and sometimes a third. There is absolutely nothing wrong with continuing thru until pct it’s just a supplement. But again I would not rely completely on this everyone is different. It might do absolutely nothing for you that’s why it’s important to check bloods.

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I do not think taking tren on you second cycle is a good idea. You will do what you choose to do but I have to make a case for holding off, mainly for everyone else who reads this.

Tren is the most powerful commonly used injectable you will come across. It is it’s own beast. It is steroids on steroids. Tren should be the last compound you try. It has it’s own set of sides and gyno that all the arimidex in the world will not help. Typically in this world of AAS you can only go forward,ie increase dosage, increase the number of compounds, increased length of cycles ect… Here you are on your second cycle taking the most powerful commonly used injectable. Hell the only thing I can think of that is more powerful is stuff like halotestin and you don’t build a cycle around that stuff. If memory serves me you only take halotestin for like a couple weeks before a powerlifting competition and you pay a heavy price on the back end for it.

I realize you already have your gear in hand just know that if you do decide to shelve the tren for later it should be good well past it’s expiration date if properly stored (and properly brewed).

I really think tren on your second cycle is a bad bad bad idea. I promise you that you can still get amazing results with just Testosterone so you are not even at a point of development where you need a stack much less a stack containing tren.

For the record I really like tren it’s one of my regular compounds. I run it once a year. Think about that when you reflect on how a guy with experience who loves tren is saying you should hold off on using it ESPECIALLY since this is only your second cycle.

In closing I am bringing back a comment I use to use a lot…I noticed you did not include your age. (This might have something to do with why you are thinking tren on your second cycle is a good idea)

I feel like you should have caught the whole “second cycle” thing, are you not getting good sleep this week?


My views on aas are a bit more liberal. I try to assume everyone is competent enough to have done thier research and know all the risk they are getting themselves into. Unfortunately I know this is not allways the case but I find especially when someone already has gear in hand they already have thier mind made up and generally nothing that is said is going to stop them. So instead of talking people out of it iv just switched to giving what I feel is the best advice followed up with bit of my opinion.

But I also must say I don’t prescribe to the run testosterone at increasingly high doses for the first 3 cycles school of thought. I think as long as someone is educated there is much more efficient compounds to run along side low test doses for better results.

With that being said tho most people aren’t educated so it’s rare you will see me preach my view point because people will take it as I’m suggesting they blast 5 compounds and they will most likely do it willy nilly and end up with all kinds of issues.

All in all I probably should have been a bit more inquisitive with the OP by asking at least his age height and body fat. Sometimes I just assume everyone using gear is jacked with low body fat. Unfortunately it’s generally the opposite.

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Hi guys,

Sorry for the late reply.

Apologies, I should have included my stats:

28 years old
Around ~13% BF

I appreciate the concern, now_i_care, but I’m very stubborn and stupid and will run the tren regardless.

I will run 200mg Test E and 300mg Tren E following Zeeks advice.

I will also take 150mg activated B6 for prolactin control.

With regard to HCG and adex, I had planned to use .5 adex e3d and HCG at 1000ui a week, but now I’ve dropped the test to 200mg, is it actually needed?

Cheers guys

Make sure you also have caber on hand incase the P5P isn’t strong enough.

I really don’t think you should mess with the hcg especially when using tren. Hcg aromoatizes and it dose so in the nuts so all the adex in the world won’t help and my personal belief is keeping estrogen within range helps reduce tren sides. As far as adex and the test dose you probably won’t need it. Altho I don’t know how that works when using hcg I know hcg can cause test levels to rise as well. See that’s why I suggest not using it it’s just another variable to cause a headache.

Stats are solid. As long as your well educated on the risk and healthy mentally I think you should have a good cycle.

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You my friend are a good man.

I’ll drop the adex and HCG and monitor accordingly.

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Amen brother… I didn’t mess with tren till my 6th real cycle… And im on my 2nd tren cycle now… A little goes a long way… Do your self a favor and keep it for later or sell it to a bro with a few cycles under his belt. In the off chance u run a side effect free cycle…u basically shot yur wad… U have at least 4 easy side effect free cycles you can run & get amazing gainz without needing the 800lb gorilla Tren. Test prop & var very mild fun & great results
Fyi the tren test ratio isnt true… On web most cycles are higher test but some guys swear run tren higher…for me if I pin more tren then test the sides are nightmarish. Just put the cocacain down & enjoy a few beers while yur tolerance is fresh

The tren to test ratio isnt true just because you, ONE person on the internet gets sides from low test high tren and it doesnt work for you?

Stop giving your experiences as facts. @thehebrewhero

OP, the low test high tren approach did wonders for me. It literally negated ALL tren sides I had. Try it for yourself and see how it is for you before taking opinions anyone else.
However, as others have suggested, stay away from Tren for now.


The cycle has begun. Thanks for your concern everyone.

You can lead a horse to water… but you can’t stop it from sticking tren in itself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

See you on the other side (if I make it) :joy:

i am on my second test, tren as well -100mg test and started from 200mg tren now 300 mg. i am on 9th week and tren is a beast.i will be really careful next time using tren as its really powerful and super fast acting compound. i am huge

I second this. I’m balls deep in a low test high tren cycle and I’m experiencing less physical side effects then when I blast super high testosterone alone it’s working wonders for me.


Im not saying its a fact…but in googling cutting cycles thats what i found also most cut stax on ugl sites have it lower… But lets be honest at end of day everyone is different and when u go down this road its uncharted territory. Using your body as a science expirement is the only truth. Everyone reacts different to different compounds. But Tren is crazy harsh so the minimum does is best. My first pin i only did .20 ml to feel it out. My buddy whos a dipshit pinned 1ml he thought he was having heart attack. Im not anti anything but poster should start with baby doses since hes gung ho…a lil tren goes a long way…just my $0.02
For me pinning 1ml test prop & .5ml tren gives me all the bennies without the sides. For others maybe the oposite is true…not sure why he picked Eth… Ace is best way to go on 1st tren run…if u hate the sides from yur dosing routine u only have to endure it a few days… Why this guy chose eth is nuts.

You contradict yourself rather a lot.

If you had bothered to read the thread I have explained why I’ve gone with enth. However, it seems as though you’ve seen the word “tren” and immediately jumped on the “tren is bad” bandwagon because YOU had a bad experience; it doesn’t me that I will. You’ve said it yourself - “using your body as a science experience” is the only way I’ll find out how I handle it. I may completely hate it, but there is only one way to find out.

I dont think its bad… Im on it now but its super harsh & unpredictable. On cycle number 2 you could get fantastic results off Test only or a less harsh stack. I think thats what most are saying. Yes i get it your traveling. Which will suck if you get trensomnia that lasts a week. Or any of the other shitty sides it comes with. Hopefully you get a side free cycle and sweet gainz & crush ass all summer… Not wishing ill will bro save the tren rage for the iron😂

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Howdy, Troops.

Just a quick update:

4 weeks in and not really noticed any major differences so far; zero Tren sides so it is possible that either the Tren is bunk, or it is repackaged Test, or the low Test dose is helping negate all Tren sides. I expected to notice some changes around the 3 week mark, but the next few weeks will be interesting… :slight_smile:

I’ve also noticed that I had a sensitive nipple a day or so ago, but appears to be OK now. I’m not taking any AI as I’m supposedly on a low Test dose; however, if I have repackaged Tren as Test then I’m unknowingly on a high Test dose! (assuming the Test isn’t bunk also)…

Libido is up and I appear to be more vascular and have more energy when I’m training, but all of this might quite possibly all in my head and the bunk gear is acting as a placebo. Nothing else really noticeable in terms of sides effects.

Bloods will be done in next week or so which will actually tell me what is going on… Unfortunately, I’m unable to get a sensitive E2 reading; but at least it will tell me that Tren is actually Tren…

Edit * Just found an interesting thread on the source that I hadn’t come across when I was researching. It’s not looking good!