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Tren/Test Cycle


23 years old, 5'9", 180 lbs (8-10%BF), 5 years serious lifting, previous cycle of Sustanon 250 (12 week duration ended in February).

I am about to do my second cycle but want to step it up because I am interested in serious results. As stated above, I have one cycle under my belt in which helped be gain about 10 lbs (190)and added a little strength. I ran a PCT of HCG and clomid with virtually no side effects. In about 2 weeks I will begin a Tren Ace cycle combined with either Sust or Cyp. I am also running Anastrozole (.5 pill EOD) to help combat water retention and gyno.

My overall goal is to gain some lean muscle and strength. I am thinking about Monday/Friday 1.5cc test/.5cc tren and Wednesday .5cc tren.

I am hoping I can get some feedback on preference of test to run, dosage/frequency, and PCT. I know not to run nolva because it can make my progesterone receptors more sensitive so I was wondering if clomid again will be fine; also, whether or not to run HCG during the cycle.


Tren Acetate needs to be injected daily due to the short half life. This short half life is exactly what you want though for a first tren cycle. If the sides are more than you can handle you aren’t stuck with weeks of unbearable sides. Run Test prop with it and pin daily. .5 each prop and ace.

Many people would pin 1ml of each a day but I would say .5 is getting your feet wet and certainly enough to see good results with Tren


you can run nolva and tren at the same time

you can pin tren ace 3x a week if you pin it subq, otherwise it should be pinned EOD at the bare minimum

hcg is not for pct

sustanon is a garbage compound and should be pinned EOD due to the proprionate ester


if sust is no good, which test do u suggest I pin with the Tren? Also, this might be a dumb question, but if I went with the sub-q method should the test still be IM?


Test is Test! Pin frequently enough and different esters have no difference; nothing tangible that is.
Forget about the SQ shot (nothing wrong with it though), listen to the advice above and pin Tren Ace and Test Prop ED.


I think I’ve settled on 75mgTrenA/150mgProp EOD with the test running about 2 weeks longer along with .5 Anastrozole EOD . I’ve been reading that most are seeing better results with ED jabs running higher Tren than Test. Does the dosage I’m considering seem obsolete?

Thanks again for the feedback