Tren, Test, and Eq for 3rd Cycle?

My first cycle was anavar, second cycle was anavar n dbol n third cycle was anavar again.all orals

21 years old, five nine. 180lbs 14% bf… Know a lot about fitness and nutrition but am just still not satisfied. I want to get bulked up . So my connect and I think I should take those three (tren, test, and eq)

I was hoping for tips on where to inject, time of day to take, And good schedule too
Maybe ways to not get side affects too. I want this to be my last cycle so I want to do everything perfect. Oh tips on when I’m done with my cycle too would be appreciated . My connect will tell me everything I need to know but the more I get from you fellows wont hurt.

And what y’all think of those three as a cycle and how id go on it. And etc etc the more tips the better.

Stick to one injectable that way you can definitly tell how you react to it. What I mean by that is say you start running all 3 and get horrible bacne… you reallly wouldnt know which one was causing it for future notice. Id say a dbol/test/var would be your best bet since your only really adding one new compound. And ull see a WORLD of difference from just dbol and var.

The cycle id do would look like…

Week1-3 or 1-4 (your choice) 50mg Dbol ED
Weeks 1-12 Test 500mgs (split between Mondays and Thursdays)
Weeks 6-12 Var 50-100mg ED (watever you have been running)

If all goes well and you wanna still cycle, throw in the eq next cycle followed by tren on the cycle after that

Thanks fjor the tip on injecting.