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Tren Test Anadrol Cycle Log (Pics)


Hey guys, I've been cruising these forums for at least a good year now and learning a lot about AAS along the way. I decided to make an account and start a cycle log for anyone thats interested, I remember when I was getting into bodybuilding, the cycle logs gave me a good idea of what to expect with certain oils and orals, this is me returning the favor.

A little background about myself. I'm 25 and have been weight lifting on and off for 5-6 years. Things became serious back in November 2014 when I decided I was going to do a bodybuilding show. I was 12 weeks out from the show and decided to make the transition into the anabolic world. My first cycle was as follows :
Test P : 150mg EOD
Masteron P : 100mg EOD
Anavar : 100mg ED
Winstrol : 100mg ED
Nolva : 20mg ED
(RIP to liver, I know)

I got insane gains off that cycle, but my mental stability was not even close to where it needed to be, and I dropped out of that show. During that first cycle, and how I didnt do the show in such a dramatic fashion(Going through a break up in 6 year relationship) made bodybuilding very personal for me. This is going to be the cycle that puts everybody in my class to sleep. It is as follows :

Tren E - 300mg E3.5D w/1-4
Test E - 150mg E3.5D w/1-4
Anadrol - 100mg ED w/1-4
Arimidex - .5MG EOD w/1-12

Tren E - 450mg E3.5D w/4-12
Test E - 225mg E3.5D w/4-12

I'm currently in week 3 of the cycle, I started at 194lbs and currently weight 202lbs. So far the pumps are insane, and my body is looking different at a rapid rate. This is my 2nd cycle and I read everywhere that most people do not advise running Tren until a little later on because of the intensity. I remember reading specifically on this forum that somebody said "Tren is like steroid roulette, you don't know what you get until you try".

Well I'm trying, and physical sides are managable right now, the most difficult being sleepless nights and ridiculous amounts of sweating and it's getting worse every week. My greatest enemy right now though is the mental sides. You don't run tren, tren runs you lol. My aggression is becoming a problem, if some people have a short fuse, that means I don't have a fuse at all anymore, I just blow up.

On top of that, Tren is giving me a ridiculous attitude, I can't help but feel that I'm better then everybody else, and I don't even associate with my closest friends anymore because I desire solitude. At the end of the day though, solitude keeps me grounded and focused.

One last thing I want to mention before I cap this off, I want everyone to have a good idea of what I'm actually like, and what I actually do in my day to day life and bodybuilding. I am a pretty heavy drug user, and I smoke a pack of cigarettes a day. I use cocaine, MDMA, oxy and ketamine regularly, and I smoke several joints every single day(for the last 6-7 years).

I'm sure there are many of you who will no longer take me seriously after sharing that, but the point behind exposing it is that different shit works for different people. I'm high on weed 100% of the time when I'm weight lifting, and high on cocaine about 50% of the time I'm lifting, and I'm still able to make ridiculous gains. I took this pic earlier today.

Please lets keep this professional, the reason for this log is for people out there who are like me(which im sure there are), and give them something to relate to. Any comments, suggestions, and personal opinions are greatly appreciated.


This lifestyle is a fast track to being dead. You are young and probably high right now so you don’t see it or don’t care. I post this not for you, but for the kid coming up that reads this and thinks it is sustainable. It is not. Please don’t hurt anybody on your way down.



seriously, no one entertain this




I’m sure you already know what happened to Zyzz. Google Justin Rys if you’re not familiar with him. It will be worth your time. That’s all I’m going to say about your lifestyle.

The cycle looks good enough, your gains should be tremendous. And your physique is impressive. I can appreciate that you’re using the most effective compounds available, and keeping the cycle short and simple.

My only advice is to manage your steroid cycles diligently. Don’t extend them longer than they need to be for optimal gains, and do what needs to be done to recover in between them. Keep tabs on your blood pressure, at the VERY least. This is what will literally kill you if you don’t.


Wow I smoke weed occasionally but my god man.


@kountcoma thanks for pointimg that out for any future readers. I have to fully agree with you that this lifestyle is not sustainable in the long run. Everyone has demons they are trying to overcome, these happen to be mine.

@flipcollar the feedback is much appreciated, I’ll check out the guy you mentioned later this evening.

@everyone saying I’m a troll…this is a serious log with nothing being held back. I came to this forum to share my story because on other social media outlets I need to keep it PG 13. I feel this is a place I can fully be myself and express my bodybuilding lifestyle in great detail. Am I saying the way I do things is smart? Not at all. This is just how I’m going about it and believe me, it’s not to get attention or some sort of fame. I’ve documented my bodybuilding transformation on IG in a professional manner but I obviously had to hold back a lot of details(drugs, AAS) and felt this would be a proper place to share my experiences and my story, that’s all. If you think I’m a troll, I can’t change that, but one thing I do know is that i take this very seriously, and I personally look forward to sharing the journey with all of you.

Thanks again for the input so far, I’ll update in a couple days on how things are coming along.


Poster child of being a weak ass bitch. You might have muscles and insane gains and look swole but you’re weak. Have fun with your drugs and anabolic abuse that lead to your death.

When you decide to man up and do things the right way let us know. Until then just delete this thread and buy yourself a coffin.


A few things to consider.

You will not get positive feedback from the long term posters here over your recreational drug use. You are pretty much the poster boy for what people think the average steroid user is like. Not something many of us want to be associated with and why steroids are treated so harshly under most countries legal systems. You are not helping us.

You look ethnic enough that I am sure with your size you will get profiled and stopped by law enforcement. Drug users are sloppy. You will get caught with something sooner or later and the outcome will not be pretty.

A good lawyer can possible work on a steroids possession only charge. Steroids plus your drug use will have a good lawyer working on the best plea bargain. A trial would end up getting you 20+ years. You are a big boy so probably won’t get raped, just shivved in prison.

Good luck and I hope you make some better choices.


You’re running tren far too long at an extreme dose for your experience with it. Take it slow. Not to mention you have no liver support in your during or post cycle.

My suggestion. . Do a little more research on the compounds and how the interact. Get some experience with them INDIVIDUALLY so you’ll know what’s working and what’s not… what’s causing sides and what you can tolerate. What made you come up with this 12 week tren cycle??? It just baffles me. Good luck though.


I’m not inducing or according to the guy, but I did a whole year tren… tren does nothing, I think he should be worried about anadrol… I did whole year of tren, then stopped for 1 month and used again for 3 month… I got tired of EOD and ED jabs, so I stopped tren… but it do not hurt your overall health, anadrol can hurt you in 3 weeks…


I certainly went through a phase in college where I partied smoked a lot of weed and stuff but everything for me revolves around my health. Personally I think you give it a bad name but whatever I could care less. Good luck


Cycle does not look bad. I would not post a face pic with everything you said, although it might not make any difference. This is a steroid forum, so no one here is really interested in the recreational drug aspect of your post, hopefully you keep yourself healthy and out of trouble. Not sure how healthy cocaine use is lol… I would seriously avoid oxys while on drol. If you can’t stop the oxy’s, don’t do drol. 4 weeks of drol at 100 mg is not so bad, although i would personally keep it at 3… but I would seriously consider your oxy use… As far as coke and all the other stuff, maybe you are in control, idfk lol