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Tren, Sustanon 350, T-bol

Hello fellow bodybuilders
Just curious if someone has run a cycel like or close to this
1-8 tend 2 times a week= 300mg
1-12 sustanon350 1 a week = 500mg
9-12 t-bol ever day = 50mg
Pct colmid 14-16
I have a trend mix. With trend A and E. 75mg/ml
Feed back would be great.

is this your first cycle? If so, drop the Tren and the tbol, also TBOL should be taken daily, clomid needs to be run for 4-6 weeks. As for Sustanon, I am prescribed Pharma grade sustanon and I can tell you the injections hurt like a bitch, far worse than black market testosterone. My last sustanon injection (5 days ago) has resulted in a very painful lump on my ass that I’m starting to think might be an abscess (and with my unlucky track record it probably is), and that is with sustanon 250. Keep in mind I have injected testosterone no ester, high concentrate testosterone of 450mg/ml and nothing hurts as much as sustanon does, I attribute it to the propionate ester and the thickness of the oil. I can’t imagine how much a sustanon at a concentration of 350mg/ml would hurt, however maybe I have an individual bad reaction to one of the esters or the oil preparation of sustanon. What is the purpose of running this cycle, how old are you, stats, years lifting

Thanks unreal24278 for your time.

No this is not my first cycle. 3erd to be exact In 6 years. First time on trend and just wanted to know if the trend was high or not.
As for the sustanon, I As well have had pain after injecting but found out , if I use a few minutes, take it slow it goes in much better plus a good rub in that area. Have taken t-bol before but this time I will add it to the last week’s of the cycel everyday last 4 weeks.

Ok 4 to 6 weeks for the Clomid.

Age 33… weight lifting for 10years…
Thanks again!!.