Tren Solids

The procedures have been covered well for re-heating tren that has been sitting awhile, and developed those rust colored solids.

It just occurred to me…should those even be dissolved, or redissolved rather?

In other words, IF the solids develop because they are the impurities within the tren, maybe it is a good thing they develop into solids. That way they won’t get injected.

But I am assuming the solids are impurities. I am also assuming the solid won’t get stuck in the needle. Better stuck in the needle than stuck in me.

Is your Tren homemade? I’m taking a guess here by saying that there might not be enough BA in your brew. The correct amount of BA should keep the chemical suspended in the oil.

I made my brew on Sunday and it’s been sitting since then. There is no settlement, no objects in it, and no “rust”, as you put it. It’s crystal clear.

If I’m guessing wrong about the BA, then maybe you might need to filter it again. If it’s a homebrew, how did you filter it originally? Just curious.

I didn’t brew it. It was Trenfactor Tren, so supposed to be human grade.

Had a similar thing with my tren. When I go to inject its a little cloudy, only ever so slightly. I guess the BA concentration must be right on the edge for keeping it all in solution. Heat it a smidgen in warm water and it goes crytal clear. If it doesn’t I would filter it.
My only concern is if there isn’t enough BA will it stay sterile?

If it gets cold it can crash out of the solution. These are the actual hormone and not the impurities. That is providing your tren is made with powder rather then fina tabs.
Heat it up and shake. It won’t hurt you. Redstars tren did that in the wintertime. Never a problem.