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Tren Sides and Transitioning from Ace to Enanthate

I am running tren ace for the first time, only 3 day in at 50mg/D with my TRT cruise dosage of t-cyp, 100mg 2x/wk and 0.5mg caber 2x/wk.
I ordered 1 vial of tren ace and 2 vials of tren enth for this cycle to find out if it likes me or hates me. The idea was to run the ace to see if the sides are bearable for me, and if so, switch to the enanthate ester to finish out the cycle. However, the ace is only going to last about 3 weeks and I don’t know if that’ll be enough time for any sides to show up. How long before the sides peak if there are going to be any?
Also, I am assuming that I need to start the enth at week 2 so it is beginning to kick prior to ending the ace at the end of week 3…
Does this sound reasonable?

Why do you want to use tren-e? appose to tren-a?

I just finished a 5 week cycle of tren-a 350mg per week then tapered off at 600-700mg per week. Sides were there definitely, i would wake up somedays and have shortness of breath… which went away after a couple hours, furious night sweats, sweating like crazy going up and down a flight of stairs… tren cough never even at 600mg… so it really depends on your body, tren should kick in between 7-12 days for most, for me i never really felt it do much even for strength, it mostly helped lean me out on my bulk. I wouldnt recommend tren-e mostly because you have 0 idea of how it reacts and you are still early on your cycle… imagine having tren coughs… once… with tren-a but every few days with tren-e…not worth it… just man up and pin your ass ED or dont do it at all, tren-e is for more experience people that can take tren.

Honestly? I intended to go tren ace all the way for the very reasons you mentioned. However, when “the powers that be” put tren enanthate on the “deal of the week” at 50% off, I couldn’t pass it up. Especially considering my order was already over $1200 and I was looking to trim a few $$$ if possible.
I have no problem pinning ED as I do that a lot when I run prop anyway, it was merely a cost savings thing. That being said, if it kicks in between 7 - 12 days, and I don’t start the enth until day 25, I should already be seeing most of the sides that I am going to see.

i think you still have a small window 3 weeks is too soon since you start to actually feel it around that time, you already got the tren-e so might as well take it, just make sure you can handle it because the sides last wayy longer thats a reason why i originally just went with tren ace, after hearing stories from several forum mates about the sides i didnt want to risk it, truthfully however it is not as bad as people make it out to be but then again different bodies, so just go with it but be safe.

Yeah, I think you are right on the money. At this point, I guess I’ll give it my best shot and just see how my body tolerates it, hoping and praying that any ugly sides show before the end of the 3rd week if they are going to show at all. When it comes right down to it though, it’s all part of the game. If I’m not willing to take a few risks, then I guess I shouldn’t be lifting heavy shit over my head in the first place. LOL

Tren ace sides start immediately for me then taper off a bit as far as the insomnia and over the top sweating and that kind of stuff. Then about week 6 the mental sides kick in for me, then those become more manageable as time goes by as well.

I found the anxiety only started at 100mg ED, sweats at 30mg ed, cardio issues at 50mg ed.

just finished my first test run with tren ace and bumped the dosages to test tolerance to sides. all things considered it will be in my next blast.

The sides so far are manageable at 50mg ace ED. The night sweats started early during the first week, but I’m only sweating on my head/face. My pillow gets soaked, but my body is staying dry. Towards the end of the week was where the shorter fuse seemed to appear. It is certainly controllable thus far, but I did notice that there were exponentially more idiots and morons out driving this weekend than usual. Also am getting winded a little quicker, but I don’t have any marathons planned, so no worries there.
A buddy gave me another 10ml of ace to get me by another 3 weeks before needing to switch to the enanthate, so that should give me a much better understanding of the ace sides/effects vs the enanthate sides/effects.