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Tren side effects

I just made my first batch of “Fina Crystal,” which is the powdered Tren derived from applying methyl alcohol to fina pellets (see another thread on this forum I recently posted on the topic).

The problem is (may be?) that after three consecutive days of 75mg injections, I am not experiencing any of the sides I normally experience with Tren (such as increasingly oily skin, metallic taste after the first injection of the batch, and vivid dreams). This causes me to wonder if the “crystal Fina” techinique (which is widely found on the web) either:

  1. Yields a product so smooth, many of the sides aren’t experienced (although oily skin still should be)

  2. This technique, although apparently widely used, is innefective.

Any comments? I followed the directions to a tee, derived clean white powder, and appear to have a good product. I just need to know if it is effective and if any of you have had a dimilar experience.

After some web searching, I believe I have concluded the following:

  1. I saw a very cogent argument that Tren crystals will oxidize, lose potency, when “sitting out,” such as you do when the coffee filter dries over night (using the crystal Fina method).

  2. One individual has argued that baking Tren decreases potency, and also that venting the vial during baking increases oxidization. His solution? Suck the air out of the vial with a syringe, creating a vacuum, and oxidization will not occur and the vial won’t explode.

  3. A lesser valued argument, was where I saw Tren was yellow. Yet, the crystals via this method are white. So, are the white crystals really Tren? I say a lesser valued argument because I also saw where Fina Cart makers put Yellow Dye #4 in the Fina tabs, so, if that is the case, I doubt the fina was originally yellow.

So, my experience with this crystal fina thing is: potency is poor, especially if venting and baking.