Tren Question

wanted to give tren a try in a 3 week cycle. i am concerned it will be to suppressive. i am 40 and dont want the post libido problems. i will run 100 mg t prop eod, 100 npp eod, 40 mg turinabol ed, and 50 mg proviron. i have done this in the past with no recovery problems. a guy s whos opinion i respect said adding a 1/2 ml (33 mg)eod to the mix would be fine.
question. 1. would this be worth it? 2. would this drastically effect recovery? thanks

Tren seems like a bad choice to me, I would never end a cycle with tren, i would end tren 2 or 3 weeks before the cycle ended, therefor it would not fit in a 3 week cycle.

the proviron will help keep you from shutting down too hard. Three weeks at those dosages isn’t going to hurt you too much. I think you could add in the tren no problem but I must ask, why would you want to? What are your goals for this cycle? Is there any specific reason or is it just for the hell of it?