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Tren Question

Thinking of trying tren for 1st time.I am mosted concerned about the johnson bar working.
-is the affect of tren on your dick more or less than decca?
-once the tren clears should things go back to normal?

  • had a problem with decca that took a while to fix. i used test with the decca,but even after pct the decca stuck around for a while causing problems. i want to try tren but don t want the same problem i had with the decca. Thanks for the info

I’ve never had a problem as long as I keep a little test in the mix.

THE JOHNSON BAR, LMFAO. Thanks bro I needed that one. Like Pappy said put some test in there 200-300 mgs and you’ll be fine. However if you put more like 500-1 gram in there you’ll be fine and HUUGE. I used about 750 mgs a week with 500 mgs tren a week the first time I used it alond with 30 mgs dbol ed. WHOA! Just watch your attitude, for me the longer I was on tren the more mental sides I noticed. However this was a rough time in my life, ie. numerous deaths in the family, and other drama.