Tren question

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i was in another board and they have a “trenbolone forum”.

one guy asked,
“Hey bros. It says on the little information packet in the box that Tren can cause cirrhosis of the liver in cattle, and that you should only give it to them during the last 64 days before they’re slaughtered, because of that danger. The recommended dosage for cattle is one 200mg implant every week. 75mg ED on Tren adds up to 525mg. Why is tren not severely liver toxic to humans?”

everyone went quiet, even the forum moderator had no answer.

let’s have some answers.

I’m going to answer this question by introducing another study which I happen to come accross. Anyone who knows anything about androgens knows what methyltrienolone is. You don’t know what it is? Glad you asked! Methyltrienolone is a version of trenbolone with a methyl group attached to the cabon atom at position 17a. This slight modification prevents the liver from oxidizing the hydroxyl group at carbon 17b, thus, making it orally active. This isn’t all the methyl group does; the three dimensional structure has now changed, and the androgen behaves very differently from its “parent” molecule (trenbolone). What was once a highly potent androgen has now become an insanely powerful androgen. So powerful, infact, it has been shown to exhibit 300x the anabolic strength of testosterone (as compared to 5x the anabolic strength of normal trenbolone). Unfortunately, this mega-powerful androgen is also highly liver toxic; as little as 1mg a day in humans was shown to cause symptoms of intrahepatic cholestasis. Now for the main point of this post: a study was done to determine the effects of methyltrienolone on the liver in pigs. The pigs were given high doses (16-28mg/kg/day) for 62 days. Upon completion of the study, there was zero adverse health effects. Why is this relevent? I’m glad you asked this as well! Though animals have the same type of organs as us, they behave very differently in response to different drugs. Trenbolone may cause cirrhosis of the liver in cattle, but there is not one bit of evidence supporting this claim in humans.

I would also like to add to the fine answer that “?” has given here. I don’t know if you have ever seen a finaplix cartridge, commonly converted into our little makeshift versions of tren but the most annoying part of the conversion process is the separation of the Tren acetate from the binders. You see, these carts are loaded into guns and a row of pellets, 200mg, is injected behind a cows ear… binders and all. Obviously no one gives a shit about preserving the life of cattle raised for slaughter so who cares how toxic the shit is we shoot behind their ear. I don’t know what else is in those binders, or what the binders are made of for that matter, but I would imagine that a large row of grimy ass pellets being shot into my muscles might have an adverse effect on some other parts of my body. That liver disfunction caused in cattle might not be from the tren acetate at all, but from all of the other trash in those pellets. This is one reason why I will not use a conversion kit ever again and I will also never reccomend that someone should do so. Stick to human grade shit.

Seems like I would be fucked by now. I’ve injected boatloads of homemade tren from pellets.

???..funny that my usual(every) 3 month test for liver enzymes never show anything out-of-whack…???

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Squatty, what binders? If you’re implying that there is glue in the pellets, then you’re wrong. If I misread your post, then I apologize.

The binders are made from mixture of wood pulp mixed in with some fluid harvested from Cowper’s glands. The binding process is finalized with some iodine and Blue #2.

Its been shown the iodine is what causes the bouts of “roid rage” and repetitive stress syndrome in the neck and upper spine of cattle that have been treated.

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