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Tren/Prop Question


I've done a tren/prop cycle in the past at just 50/50mgs each. I currently have a lot of tren and prop again and was thinking of bumping it to 100/100mgs ED of each. Now my question is.....is that too much tren to be running in this cycle? I know tren shuts you down pretty hard, so should i just keep it at 50mgs each? anyone have experience in a cycle like this before?

I also have a BUNCH of 100mg winny that i was goin to incorporate into my cycle this time as well. any input would be greatly appreciated. thanks guys


prop 100 mg ED
tren 50 mg ED
winny 50 mg ED

that would be a nice little cycle with the AAS you have. duration is your choice...but i'd be inclined to do a 6 weeker.

i'd always run test higher than tren....


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That's pretty much the cycle I'm on right now, only I'm leaving the Winny for the end.

I was only going to do a 6 week cycle, but I just got some more to double it.

I'm in week 3 and just starting to feel good. I couldn't imagine only going another 3 weeks. Too short for me.

I just added some Proviron too, so I'm also starting to feel a bit harder.


i couldn't imagine running tren that long...maybe consider dropping it after 8 weeks. if you're saving the winny for the end...toss in some d-bol now....great stack with prop and tren. just my 2 cc's.


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This seems to be a very popular cycle. I am running the same Tren and Prop. Right now i am running them at
70 mg Prop
and 50mg Tren ED. I dont see much of a difference going higher than that. But i am also 5'5 so when i lean out i dont weigh anything close to some of you towering behemoths.


Also i have tried the short cycle thing. I dont know why some of you guys like going through recovery so often. Personally i feel just as suppressed on 4 weeks of something as i do on 10. Recently i have opted to run aas for 6 months and take three months off at the end of the duration. However this being said the reason i wouldn't run tren for more than 10-12 weeks would be due to the effect on my prostate.


I was always under the impression that most peaople felt that way. That's one of the reasons I thought I'd just lengthen it.


Good call, plus how can that constant fluctuation of hormones be any better for you mentally and physically. Than a longer cycle