tren/prop mix

ok guys
during weeks 4-8 of my mass cycle can i mix my tren and prop together in one vial. i will messure both out and then combine as one. will it mix or seperate once combined. trying to avoid using multiple pins. your thoughts?

reason i ask is that most say to kill the sting of the BA just mix with tren or more oil. I don’t see the difference between mixing in syringe or vial if it doesn’t seperate.

just draw up everything into one syringe, never mind mixing in vials, this way you know exactly how much prop/tren you are using. I have mixed all my drugs, hell I even put water based in with my oil in syringe and never had a problem.

I have taken them in the same syringe and have not had a problem.

would it be easier to “pre” mix them in a vial instead of having to draw twice then switch needles to inject?

just draw it up in one barrel then screw on a new pin and inject. no need to complicate things. i would not mix two seperate steroids in one vial because there is absolutely no way to properly dose your injections at that point.

ok. but how does it mix in the barrel to avoid the BA burn? do you shake it to mix? or does it just mix when you draw the second one in?

just draw it up and inject. Thats what I do. no need to shake it.

Draw it up so that the tren is the first injected and that will cut down on the burn.

thanks guys

one tid bit of advice that helps also. i draw up in the evenings, allowing the mixed solution to sit overnight since i inject in the mornings. this seems to help as the oils mix together thoroughly from sitting overnight. as an example. straight sustanon fucking kills me. when i draw up usp oil and cut it 1 for 1 right before injections i get a mild burn for about 48 hours. when i draw up 1 for 1 the night before and let it set overnight, i get absolutely no burn. none. zip, zero, nada. hope this helps you bro’s