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Tren/Prop Blend


I've got a couple bottles of this stuff: Tren/Prop Blend. 75mg/ml Tren 100mg/ml Test Prop. I've never used either substance, always kept it fairly generic. How would you guys use this stuff? What sort of cycle and so on. I'm guessing you should use it either ED or EOD. I can get my hands on pretty much anything so I'm trying to figure out a good lean mass cycle using this Tren/Prop Blend.


If it were me I would start with .75ml - 1ml ED.


What would make a good addition to the cycle? Possibly Masteron? I've also got some Anavar. I'm looking for lean Mass/strength increases mainly.


I don't know man. It looks like a good stack as it is. If you are less experienced then just leave it at that and save another stack for later.

On the other hand, Anavar does rule. I've never taken it in conjunction with tren/prop though so I have no idea.


I'm thinking about going .75 ml ED of the Tren/Prop blend with 40mg Anavar. Probably run it for 6 weeks.


What kind of side are we looking at with a cycle like this? I wouldn't think it would be too bad. Never used tren, tons of test, but never prop.


I have both Clomid and Arimidex on hand.


Is the tren an enanthate or acetate btw?


acetate I beleive. I'm still trying to verify that, havn't gotten an answer back yet.


Yea, it probably is. It would be weird to mix prop with enan.

I don't think you will have major sides with that dose. And if you do, you can just lower the dose because those esters will clear pretty quickly.

If you get progestogenic sides from the tren then you'll need something like cabergoline for libido.

I've heard that letro can help for progesterone gyno but I don't know for sure.