Tren on Ebay in Canada?

hey guys, was kindof curious ( doing some ebay supp shopping ) i came across a few auctions of a supplement called tren that had some pretty crazy claims, its fairly cheap so i figured id buy the 6 weeks worth and see how well it worked. is there anywhere better to buy this stuff? and what im really worried about is, is this stuff considered a steroid ? ive searched it here on T-Nation but people seem to refer to it mostly as Tren-ace, and are cycling it. In my line of work i cant take anything illegal in canada so im on the fence, any help?

‘Tren’ the PH is a straight progestin. It is similar to some forms of the contraceptive pill in that regard.

It has some anabolic activity, but due to its structure it has some very unpleasant sides for men.
It will reduce libido to nothing through a rise in prolactin, and will be very inhibitive of the HPTA.

Many users claim decent strength gains and some size - mostly strength IMO.

It is a steroid yes, technically - though not a banned or controlled one. It is a sex hormone so is a steroid.
Regular AAS would be massively predferred to this PH as the sides are better controlled, understood, they are cheaper and simply more effective.

For all intents and purposes this is an Estren based hormone with some anabolic activity.

I use AAS but would never use this. FYI.

Agreed. If you’re looking for size I would definitely not head down the route you are considering. Tren based PHs are not for size.

As far as legality is concerned… I would definitely look into it merely because some PHs will show on a performance enhancing drug screening. If its just a simple drug test I would imagine they are looking more for like weed, cocaine, etc.

I dont know what it is, but it seems there’s been an uproar of PH discussion lately. I know you are loving it Brook.


Actually Brook has gotten a lot better at explaining PH’s instead of just getting pissed off and trying to run the guy off. To add to the above comments I believe the advertising is what gets these PH users in trouble. Statements like “It can’t aromatize to estrogen” and “25 pounds of lean, dry muscle in 1 month is the norm” lead customers to believe there is no water gain and no need for PCT. The reality is many of these progestins are very “wet” compounds.

Not to change the point of the post, but it really has just blown up lately. Im not sure what it is. Maybe the good ol govt cracking down on steroids.


thanks for the input guys. Ive done some more reading today on T-Nation and other boards, i now feel a bit like a tool because it looks like everyone else is asking about this so sorry for the repetitive nature of my question. im definetly gonna steer clear of this stuff for now, a little too spooky for me.

In my opinion, great choice man.