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Tren NPP Mast and Dbol

So my bloods are in which I took 3 weeks post blast, I’m sure some of you will remember that my blast coincided with the show I was supposed to do but never did. Drugs used were EQ,Winny,Var, Mast, Tren, Primo (test was dropped 4 weeks before the show but it was only at 100mg at its highest).

I wont post up all the numbers but I have had a look at them and they are as follows:

  • Serum Cholesterol - Normal, triglycerides low (attribute this to a low fat diet).
  • HDL - Normal
  • LDL - Slight elevation (3.2 on range of 0 - 3.0)
  • GFR - Normal
  • Haematocrit - Normal
  • Liver values - AST slightly elevated (54 on range of 1-45)

All other values were normal, hormones were not tested, for obvious reasons.

So I can say I’m pretty happy with these numbers, considering it was a 16 week blast and some pretty harsh compounds were used.

Next blast is going to be 6 weeks of Dbol, NPP and Masteron.


Good update. You have an unshakable commitment to approaching this the right way and we could use more of that these days (not just here, but in life generally)

How long is your time between cycles. Since bloods look good just curious. I’m finishing a test/eq cycle and didn’t like it at all. Minimal gains, felt like test only with added anxiety. I’m already gunning for my next cycle which will be prop/npp/mast but know I need to wait and run some bloodwork between.

Thank you for your kind words my brother @iron_yuppie
I realise now that longevity is key, I’m not married yet or have kids but I can see that when and if I do, I’d want to be around them for as long as I could and no amount of muscle is worth shortening that. However, I’m really surprised, I did think my values would be much worse. Especially haematocrit, since I ran EQ for 12 weeks and didnt donate blood.

So time off between my last blast and my current blast is around 4 weeks, I know its not long at all hence why I’m going for a short cycle this time around. @blshaw

Dbol is great! I feel really good, I’ve always loved the euphoria from Dbol but previously I got gyno from it. However this time, since im not running test, so far so good. Im on 35mg Dbol ED and i think thats enough. @weightliftingwithoutlimits


Just thought I’d update this.

Saw a 4lbs weight increase yesterday and today im back down to normal. My weight fluctuates crazily. Looking more fuller and seems to be a recomp going on. Im on my second week so things should start picking up soon. Strength is coming up really good.

Current stack is Tren A/NPP/Mast and Dbol.


Tren A and NPP? That would scare me. I’m already apprehensive about running my prop/npp/mast cycle. I feel my libido is finally at 90% after over a year of discontinuing my short run of Deca.

My libido is on fire @blshaw

I’m running Mast at the same as NPP and some proviron, so if the DHT theory holds true, I should be OK. Fingers crossed.


@Singhbuilder Glad to hear that brother. I know you had issues just the same. Keep us posted, I’m hoping the Mast does for me what its hopefully doing for you.

Thank you brother @blshaw

Time will tell as the NPP builds up in the system, I’m usually OK with Tren so I’m not worried about any sides from that. Although the insomnia is a little annoying, I’m full of energy at 3am and theres nothing to do at that time!


What amounts of each compound are you running? Pinning every day or every other?

I’m curious because I was considering running both tren a and npp for my next blast, but with adrol instead of dbol. I’m also debating on low or moderate test usage, as I’d like to keep away from AI use. I assume your dosing the NPP high enough so it aromatises enough to meet your estrogen requirement without an ai?

350/400/400 of Tren/NPP/Mast with 50mg proviron and 30mg dbol ED.

Main side effect so far is painful erections. @bigboost89



Coming up to the 3rd week of my blast, so far no weight gained?

Calories are at 3200, 70/420/220 fat/carbs/protein, weight maintained around 200lbs.

I do seem to be losing fat and weight is stable, strength is through the roof as is libido.

Up the calories you guys think or ride out the recomp?

350mg Tren A
400mg NPP
400mg Mast P
30mg Dbol ED


Any pics to share yet bro? :eyes:

I’d say ride out the recomp. If it aint broke, don’t fix it.

Nothing really worth documenting in terms of pics at the moment @jaykay

I guess I’m looking too much at the scales, should be more so at the mirror.


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Agreed especially when eating around maintenance and using tren. 3 weeks in if you notice fat loss and the scale isn’t moving to me I see that as whatever wieght I’m losing in fat I’m adding in muscle. If I finish a cycle leaner and still hold the same wieght it’s a success in my book

I’d stick with it, you definitely arnt losing muscle, protein is adequate, as is carbs. What kinda carbs are you consuming?

Simple sugars immediately post workout along with your protein will help with insulin release and nutrient shuttling, especially if you’re taking that dbol preworkout as it should promote an IFG1 spike as it passes through the liver.

I think I’m eating slightly above maintenance, then again it could actually be maintenance with the new added weight. This is the weight I was at before I did my cut and I was carrying more bodyfat, so the same weight + less bodyfat = more muscle? @zeek1414

My main sources of carbs are gluten free oats (I have gluten intolerance), potatoes (white and sweet), white rice postworkout (also some sugary cereal), dextrose intraworkout, beans, lentils and I love my fruits in the morning too. I take 20mg of the Dbol preworkout in the evening and 10mg in the morning with breakfast. @bigboost89


That’s how I look at it. I know I usually gain 2-3 lbs the first week of a cycle usually from glycogen but after that I level off. As long as I notice progress in the mirror I don’t even both with the scale except maybe once a week or so. I usually stick to at or around maintenance some days might be slightly more some slightly less I find it much more enjoyable the bulking then cutting


I’d look at your food stock and get in the highest glycemic index foods post workout along with protein supplement. Then how you lift to will play into it, slow and controlled movements, good control on the negative and moderate rep range in the 70% max range till failure would be good to maximize hypertrophy.

But honestly as long as you’re looking how you want, the scale doesnt really matter, right? Unless you got some sport you play in that you need to make weight.

Ive had to add in some Nolva as I was getting some pain in my nipple area. Hopefully it will subside.

But man, the strength. Fucking hell! Everything feels so light, I’m worried I might tear my pec. Things are really starting to kick in now, everythings rounding out and insomnia is in full flow, lovely! @zeek1414 @bigboost89


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