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Tren Night Sweats from Late/PM Carbs


i was just thinking back about previous cycles and diets and my sleep last night.

this whole cycle i've barely had night sweats. its mainly just been just a little warm and my neck and head get "damp" along with my shirt gets a little damp.

certain cycles/nights are worse than others... last night was my worst this cycle and it wasnt a "shirt/sheet soaker" like previous cycles.

but when i think back my worst night sweats are when i eat alot of carbs specifically in the PM.

has anyone else noticed this?


late night carbs are believed to be the reason yes


interesting... kinda strange what you can figure out from consistency.... i've been mainly getting all my carbs in by 1pm and then about 100 WO carbs


I found that eating carbs at night gave me night sweats as well.


This cycle I have a lot of night sweats too. Usually happens for me after 7-8 weeks that include low dose Tren among other AAS. This time it started 3- 4 weeks in. It is indeed worse with carbs but it happens anyway.

I find it weird how sides can vary from one cycle to another, even if taking the same AAS at the same amounts.


yes i agree... very strange...

i wonder if body composition or LBM can affect it... as we know we are always on a quest to morph the body into what we want... bigger and leaner.


If you don't mind me asking, what doses are taking of test and tren? I've followed the advice here and started with low tren and TRT dose of test. I've had very few sides so i've continued to increase my tren to the current dose of 100mg/day. I began increasing my test dose last week and I'm now at 50mg/day and I'm on my way to 100mg/day. I guess I'm now a little concerned about night sweats starting at some point in the future. I didn't realize there was a delay.


test - 160mg ED
tren - 120mg ED
EQ- 100mg ED


I just came off my first Tren Ace cycle, I didn't run it high at all due to the sides but still got noticeable effects from it.. The night sweats definitely happened. I also noticed when I first started I was always a bit "warmer". Heck I would sweat like a pig in the gym too. Tren definitely makes you sweat but it also brings out road map veins too...