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Tren Mix Question

I have seen a Tren mix that uses both Acetate and Enanthate, does anyone have any opinion on this???

Kind of difficult to say the concentration at this point, hopefully I will know soon.

I cannot see any benefit to this mix whatsoever. Go with one or the other if you can, man. A mix just assures that you will need to pin ED but be stuck with the damned enth ester which is not going to clear for basically two weeks.

My thoughts as well… Although…
There is another compound mixed in here.

Sorry I didn’t have all of my info up front.

Stand by for what the other compound actually is… I think it’s Masteron.

Test/Tren/Masteron is one of the most wonderful combinations ever known to mankind. However, in the same mixture, a tren ace/enth mixture just makes it stupid. You are better off buying a vial of tren ace and a vial of masteron prop and mixing that with a vial of test prop.

Well my guess is that this is a Tren Ace/Masteron Ace Mix, which would make more sense… Let’s hope!!

I’ll keep you posted!

Never heard of mast ace, but if it were tren ace/mast prop, and you threw some test prop in there for good measure, you’ve got yourself one killer cycle. Not your traditional “bulker,” mind you, but I don’t tend to subscribe to the “bulker/cutter” distinctions as much as some, anyway.