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Tren + Masteron + Propio Test. Your Opinion?

Hello guys,

I know that most of you as good opinions and/or has taken steroids before. ( I have done few cycles before but not as strong as the one below).

I would like to take :

50 MG tren Eod (150 MG/week)
100 MG TEST Eod (350 MG/week)
80 MG Masteron Eod (300MG/Week)

On top of that would take B5 to prevent acne with Face soap and shower morning and evening (Oily skin) + Proviron (Or Aromasin) + PARLODEL (bromocriptine) > To control PROLACTINE).
Cycle for 10 weeks.

PCT : Clomid + nolva as usual and HCG

I suppose everything is complete and will prevent some side effect (Other that being sweaty + insomnia + dry joint >Will try to drink over 5l of water)

Let me know what you guys think about it ?

Thank you for your input :slight_smile: