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Tren, Mast, Test Cycle


If you were me how would you split these bottles 10ml test mix 400mg/ml and a 10ml tren mast test mix 225mg/mil its test prop100mg tren ace 75mg/ml and 50 mg masteron
I want to frontload the test at 800mg the first week then 600 a wk for 4wks then after the 4th week shoot mast combo 1ml eod so 300mg test 225 tren and 150mg mast then after that finish off 2weeks with test only at 600wk

Im 6ft 170lbs I’m trying bulk another 10lbs lean mass my question is when is best to take the tren mast mix in the first half of the cycle or at the end of the cycle any advice and tips are greatly appreciated


masteron is really not a good choice for bulking
another thing , i can’t tell how long your cycle is




Actually 9 weeks
Test e for first 4 then the tren mast test combo for 3 then test again for 2 weeks


You’ll need a ai in there to crontrol your estro/prolactin, I wouldn’t run test that high keep it under 500mg/week


its 2 vials 20ml altogether
10ml testosterone 400mg/ml
10ml tren mast test combo (50mg mast 75mg tren 100 test (225mg/ml)


I’m looking for caber for the prolactin

Test is the cake the tren is the icing and then little bit masteron for the sprinkles


Week1 800mg test
Week2-5 500mg test
Week6-9 400mg test 225mg tren 150 mast
Week9-11 500mg test


How long have you been lifting?
Diet, type of training, etc?

At 6’ 170, you either need to learn how to train properly or how to eat (or both). I can say this with confidence because that is exactly where I was until I learned how to eat properly. Lifted consistently for 3-4 years, gained about 5 pounds until I figured out I wasn’t eating enough. Added a snack/meal mid-morning and mid-afternoon along with making sure I ate breakfast and put on 20 pounds in 4 months. No exaggeration.

Steroids won’t fix a crap diet or bad training plan. Fix those first, put in another year or so of solid training (at a minimum) before you start messing with gear.


I did a test cycle beginning of this year 600mg for a 14weeks I started about 155lbs and gained 20 lbs but that shit dropped 10lbs soon as the test cleared

My diet is poor but I’m trying learn how to count the macronutrients or watever


this is not a good cycle, especially why are you taking mast? and 8 weeks on test -e is a waste

I am actually a bit confused here, maybe it is because you did not mention the types of compounds specifically, what type of test? prop or enanthate ? and if it is test-e 800mg front loading wont do anything to your body its a waste of testosterone all together.


The test mix is half cypionate half enanthate and the other vial it’s test prop mast prop and tren acetate


I want to take mast because I want to keep my muscles lean and not hold water I’m trying to go for an aesthetic this cycle I want to build up my neck build my core but keep my abs and bulk my chest, I want to take the tren to enhance the testosterone and the masteron is to reign in the tren

It’s only an 11 week cycle
when I took my first cycle the changes from 1week to 3Rd week was drastic but then there was little change from week 6 to week 14 I was just maintaining at 175lbs so I want to build the base of test for the beginning then when I’m really rocking from the test I’ll add the tren and mast to go from ascended supersayian to super sayinan 2


Why is front loading a waste


First I’ve heard someone say front loading is a waste, regardless of ester.

Not sure why you think masteron will ‘reign in the tren’. Mast has a reputation of helping with estrogen issues, but tren doesn’t cause those - tren sides are prolactin based, necessitating the use of caber or bromo. And at those levels, I’m betting you don’t see much from the tren (or mast for that matter).

Might want to do some more research.


Thanks for the advice I just want to stack something with test and tren sounded good and I I think I read somewhere how good mast works with tren and that you get easily agitated on tren but if you take masteron with it then it helps with the mental side effects so when I was shopping for my gear it seemed the best to get this blend of everything but yea you can tell I have little clue what I’m doing or what I’m talking about


Mast is said to help with estro but even then it is very minuscule “help”, i would take mast only for the look because the actual positives it gives are rather weak in comparison.


I did some short cycles with a test/tren/mast blend. Gained some decent size, lost a little on the rebound. The only effect I could attribute to the mast was increased hair shedding - from what I have read since, you won’t notice much of a difference from mast unless you are already pretty cut.


yea I heard that about hair loss but wit tren tho, but only if your genetically predisposed to baldness then it only speeds it up… My dad is bald and my grandpa is bald but I’m 29 i have thick hair no receding hairline or anything like my dad was already going bald early around age 21 so I dodged a bullet there but I’m only taking the tren and mast for 3weeks at 375mg a wk altogether and during that the test would be at 300 for those 3 weeks, isn’t that light for a cycle to be worried about hair loss? And I’m skinny I have no body fat and when I took test I gained about 10lbs muscle and 10lbs water and when I lost the water my muscles were still lacked definition some days and then other days you can see every muscle and line like I was one of those picture diagrams you see in a science class so I want the mast to help with muscle definition but I’m sure it’s more important how I train like more reps with less weight and isometric excersizes or watever I still have a lot to research as I go along


I ordered my gear from an online ugl a week ago the tracking says it shipping out from Poland 2days ago so I should get it next week so I can do my first pin of the cycle to startt the New Year off right…

Well anyways thanks for all the help so far you guys drop alota knowledge thanks strongmanjoe cryptonite boatguy goodfella waterfatgo I hope you all have a great holiday