Tren Making Me a Little Nutty and Insecure

First 3 weeks was legit, not I find myself wanting to kill people for looking at me. Jealous over my woman’s ex’s even though we’ve been together 10 years and wanting to eat pussy like its going out of style. It also has me feeling like a bull god. Lol. Shit is pretty insane. Any suggestions. Should I ignore the jealousy and just keep eating that pussy? Lol I also wake up soaked in sweat 3 times a night with painful hard on’s.

I’m running 490 week Tren A
350 Test P
500 Mast
12.5 Asin daily

Are you competing and making money?

I will never understand why people run such high tren levels recreationally. It sounds like you aren’t mentally ready for tren honestly and should stop or at least reduce dosages.


I feel good and can control the thoughts and sides. Just having some fun. But no I’m not competing and probably won’t run it alot. Just being my own Guinea pig here. I honestlly like Test/NPP/Var or Mast. Thats my go to cycle.

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Then blast away lol and enjoy the pussy.

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Why do you keep doing this to yourself? NPPs make you a little crazy man, it is what it is.

At least lower dose if you’re feeling like this, jesus.

Just adding a little humor. I can handle the sides. It seems the mental sides hit me at startup. Then begin to subside. The Tren is just so awesome at the gym. Never had pumps like this before. Lol.

All I’m saying is this isn’t the first time you’ve made a thread about mental sides from 19-nors.

I’m not sure I understand the purpose of making threads about sides you can handle, but I guess I’m glad you can handle them…?


Just starting conversation. Maybe it’s surprising to me how they act in the body. NPP made me aggressive. The Tren isn’t doing it the same way. More aggressive thoughts, not so much lashing out. I have buddies who get much worse on them. My one boy take 300mg Tren and he looks like his head is going to pop off. Lol.

If anything relationship wise the Tren is making me more territorial which I guess could be a good thing,

How’s your cardio?

Some people find tren makes them totally unable to participate in any kind of endurance training.

Cuz first 3 weeks it wasnt fully up. In my experience, just because shit is inside it doesnt mean all the processes have started and the other way around - its not like you lose it all and recover from sides the second you skip an injection of an Ace. It takes weeks to work and takes weeks to stop.

If you cant handle it - drop it.
For me, these are the things why i love it. It makes me ME. I have spent a lot of my life on tren, i met my girl on tren, she knows me as a person i was on tren and when i was on a 18 month cruise i actually felt how she didnt like me as much and i didnt like me either.
However, if it fucks you up bad - just dont do it, what else there is to suggest.

How is that relevant?
Competing is a personal choice for which you pay, lol, if its bodybuilding. Anyone who can pay to sign up can compete just like anyone nowdays is a Model if he/she has an iphone with a selfie stick.
Making money is also irrelevant because one can make money without steroids, for examply - by being a leading heart surgeon. I dont think anyone has ever got to the point in their life where he has to take tren to feed his family or just let em die. There will always be 100 other options, like taking it up the ass by some old rich guys, before ones last option is any type of steroid, imo.
So competing and making money are not excuses for drug use - its a personal choice, and so is the choice of taking these drugs and not competing.
What you are asking is like just because you drink wine id ask you “are you a wine maker, or a professional wine vendor?” People use alcohol and tobacco for example, and their jobs and income have nothing to do with these businesses.

Have you taken tren?
In my opinion, steroids are overrated and so is tren. Most people online who claim how great gains they made on 300mgs of tren in 8 weeks, usually dont post pics. Most their AWESOME gains are like 10lbs water, 2lbs muscle and 5lbs of fat and in pictures the guys just will look a tad fuller than before, lol.
The other type of people who pedal low dose protocols are shits like MPMD who own trt clinics and just want customers.
500mgs of tren ace is the least amount anyone should bother with IMO.
I have done up to 1g and nothing happened. I didnt die, my heart didnt blow up, i also didnt win Mr.O.
If one has shit genetics or just average ones, i believe he can take 1g of test, 1g of tren and actually manage to not make any gains if he has some 10 years of experience already. Unless the person drops dead, dosage shouldnt be based on annonymous pictureless comments on the net but on actual fact if the person gains something or not, and how he handles the drug.

I hope you dont take this personal as i might be sounding a bit agressive, but i just find a lot of predjudice in your comment and i wanted to clarify a few things. This has very little to do with you and your comment as to this type of comments from lots of people online :slight_smile:

This reminds me…anyone ever found the old Rousel-Uclaf Parabolan litererature from France 70s-80s?

I havent looked really hard yet but these would be rich data for only human studies and approved use in humans.

@unreal24278 / @lordgains you seen these by chance?

Tren is a rather harsh compound and I don’t see a huge reason in taking so much especially if it is causing you mental issues.

I don’t see the benefit in the risk / reward as I have aged. To each their own though.

I have probably taken more tren than most on this board lol. I was lucky though that I never had to take insanely high doses for results. I came out relatively unscathed after years of use other than ruining a shoulder joint and a spinal fusion, but I know a lot that haven’t.


Please post a pic


Funny how i exactly when i aged a bit more, started to understand that there is no reason not to push it more, haha.

I havent noticed any risk and i also have been using tren as my main compound for years and years and actually even for years with no breaks.

Concerns with long term neurological or cognitive damage?

BP/RHR before vs on Tren?

Regular cardiovascular surveillance with Echos/ECGs?

With these new wearable technologies it is easier than ever except a little work to get the Echos and BP log.


I have small children and far too many people that count on me for their livelihood for me to push it.

I could die tomorrow, but no reason for me to hurry that cart along willingly. I’ve been big and strong, but those aren’t my priorities anymore. Now, I just want to feel good and enjoy life.

Like you haven’t noticed any risk or medical checkups haven’t noticed any damage or risk? I’d say it’s pretty hard to tell what is going on internally without medical checkups.

I’ve used Tren a couple times in the past, I did find it absolutely ruined my cardio abilities, and made me much more irritable over minor things that otherwise would not have phased me. The gains and composition changes were impressive but I will probably keep the dose very low and for a short amount of time when I run it in the future. Also fucked up my sex drive once I came off, even with a proper PCT protocol.

This. I have done all the heart and organ checkups with visuals and shit. None of my organs have any damage, my heart is good, it is actually stronger than normal, and super minimal LVH which is considered normal for people like me who are also into fighting and do tons of high intensity cardio daily for a long long time for years and years.
My BP on 700-1g of tren is 125 avg, 129-133 on a bad day but there are lots of factors for this as i not only train myself but also other people and i just get wrecked aloooot.

My all time best cardio conditioning was when i was 2 years on around 700mgs with no breaks.

The whole principle of PCT is improper so cant coment on this, as comming off and doing the PCT thing is a recipe for a disaster in my opinion.

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I was the same way. All my bloods were always good. My BP may have been slightly higher, but I was also 320 lbs.

Short term I don’t think damage will happen if you are healthy and have the right genetics and take care of yourself, but it is still rolling the dice long term.

But, that is a personal choice and I respect whatever people choose.

you have literally lost your mind or you like talking out of your ass for attention … some of the dumbest comments i’ve seen !!