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Tren/Low Test Cycle. Sore Hard Lumps in Chest

I’m running tren at 50mg every day and test at 175mg/week (trying trt dose) and I’m 3 weeks in. My chest has developed in a couple days hard tender lumps… I’ve been doing caber every 3 days and have done two days of letro too and an ai every couple days since I started… I don’t get why I would have these issues with a low test dose and doing caber every 3 days…

Is my test dose possibly too high if I’m super estro sensitive or is this a prolactin issue?? I’m at a loss as to why I’m having this issue. I purposely am doing very low test because test @500mg gave me some bad estro issues I had to use a lot of ai to control. My bf is 12% too btw


Btw, doing tren every day has caused me to have no side effects at all. No mood swings and no real bad night sweats.

Have you used anything to control prolactin? Or estro? I see you said you were extremely sensitive at 500/week.

My understanding is higher E2 can lead to prolactin issues quicker as well. It could be a combination of both now for you. Are you lactating at all or notice any ED?

Using caber every 3 days. I checked this morning, Zero lactation of any kind… which make me think it’s high estro

I have been taking ai lately every other day, think it’s 2.5mg… whatever a whole pill is.

And took a whole letro tab the last two days trying to stop the swelling/tenderness if it is indeed estro related.

I already have prior gyno and these symptoms are exactly the same as before so I’m not taking any chances. Rather have low estro issues than gyno issues

Probably best at this stage to get some labs. Are you sure you caber is real? A lot of people report issues of fake caber especially from places that sell it cheap.

My caber and letro are pharma grade /packaging

Should I lower my test down to 150? It’s test e.

I don’t think a 25mg drop is gonna make or break anything. I think you need to get some labs.

Just reading original post again. How big of lumps are we talking about here?

Old gyno is about 2 inches wide, low body fat and built chest makes it not as noticeable.

At some point I’ll get surgery. I’ve had gyno issues since puberty only made worst by earlier aas usage

I would get a blood test to see what your estrogen level actually is.

I have a very, very hard time believing that you have high e2 while running just 175mg test, AND using letro alongside it, AND another ai (if I’m reading that right??).

Its important to mention things like this.

If I’m understanding this right these lumps are necessarily new they are just pre existing lumps that are flaring up again?

Yes, correct. Flare ups… worried they will get bigger

I’ve only used letro last two days